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Friday, January 6, 2017

Block Seniors vs Staff Cricket match - circa 1963

The match was played at Campbell Park. I still remember very clearly what Anton Ambrose was muttering in his drunken state. I don't want to repeat them here! Note the near 100 per cent turn out. I tried to enlarge the photo, but as I do so, clarity is lost. Most of the staff members who are seated here are no longer living.


  1. Let this fading nostalgic photo be a tribute to absent friends. It is a stark reminder that nothing is forever.
    We thank them for their contribution to the life of that great institution which gave us this rewarding career and also for their friendship. This life is not a destination. It is just a segment of a long and tortuous journey.

  2. Very philosophical and thoughtful comment from ND

  3. Nihal, quite true;that journey is called sansara

  4. The word "Samsara" reminds me of a poignant and prophetic conversation I had with M.Satchie some years ago. May he find eternal peace.

  5. Thanks Lucky, going back to those days, is something that I truly treasure. We were particularly blessed with a fantastic group of students. And people like you and a few others have worked hard to keep us all in touch with one another. We appreciate it. Now I hope all of you have a great time at the 50th anniversary. I am really sad to miss it. Zita