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Saturday, October 15, 2016

E-mail from Indra Ana

From Indra to ND, but others too can read and enjoy.

Nihal, since you have given much thought to LIFE as such  you may want to read this remarkable book.

re writing the Ten Commandments for the twentyfirst century




It is only 178 pages. Beautifully written & thought provoking. I have read it .

Nihal, Like you I have thought about death, something one does not dwell upon in one's youth. Like you, I arrived at the conclusion that once one has finished his/her responsibilities. what matters is the way we go.
Only two years ago, my wife's uncle-passed away suddenly in Sydney, falling in a car park walking back with his attorney friend, after a RUGBY TEST BETWEEN AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND. THE MATCH WAS A DRAW. USUALLY AUSTRALIA TAKES A HIDING LIKE THEY DID AT THE WORLD CUP FINAL AT WEMBLY. The family was very upset naturally. I was saddened too as he was a wonderful man who had helped a lot of people in need  & a lot of fun to be with. But I then thought he could not have scripted a better exit from this life. That thought was part of my eulogy, at the well attended service.


  1. It is great to hear from Indra, as always. This time slightly more than his usual one liner. I am pleased the topic is out in the open. I will most certainly read the book. Meanwhile do enjoy life to the fullest as there is so much to see and do in the world around us. Que sera sera.

  2. More than a one liner because I do think it is a very relevant topic. I have often thought about LIFE, DEATH, IS THERE AN AFTER LIFE, IS THERE GOD?. These are topics one does not dwell on , except cursorily in ones youth. I have also thought about different religions and what they are trying to instill. They each have there merits & weak areas, as they are creations of human beings who are fallible. I cannot claim to a religious scholar but I do keep an open mind.