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Monday, June 13, 2016

Creative Spot by Zita Perera Subasinghe


(Obviously Pain is hurt and I had this painful parting for a painless future!)

OH! So now you want to blame me
Bold, proud, ungrateful upstart!
Who advised you, to cut the knee
Would be a move wise and smart?

You were weak and easily fell
For the advice of a smart team
The repercussions, who could tell?
Golden chance it did seem

Doctor gave me marching orders
‘Don’t dare come anywhere near!’
You slept hours and hours for starters
I was banished by threats and fear

Tablets to truly knock me out
Poured freely down your gullet
Mostly to maim poor Pain’s clout
They taste so bitter to the palette

I was hungry, cold with chills
No one to keep me company
Except some nasty tasting pills
For which I wouldn’t pay a penny

For many years I gave you warning
First it was your appendix
And when Gall Bladder was yawning
I saved you from its clever tricks

How about when baby was due
When of time you had no measure?
T’was I that gave you the clue
‘Call midwife to deliver the treasure!’

Remember I gave you good excuse
To keep away from nasty work
I was the complete valid ruse
To give you needed rest and perk

Enough is enough! I’ll go with grace
I won’t ever be able to save you
When your tears pour down the face
You’ll be glad of what Pain gave you!

Sent by Zita Perera Subasinghe


  1. Zita at her brilliant best! Great poem!

  2. Your sentiments resonate with our own experiences. At our age we are all in it together as we ride into the sunset. Still we have those little pleasures to enjoy with our family and friends. To see our grandkids grow up and be useful citizens of this wonderful world.

  3. Zita,
    This is fantastic! One of the best you have written. Have you considered publishing a collection? Keep writing my friend. All the best, Srianee

  4. You are amazing. Great stuff.Keep at it.
    Indra A

  5. I am writing this comment, more as a suggestion or more correctly, to endorse Srianee's suggestion that Zita should think seriously about compiling all her literary stuff in a book. They are too precious to just let go waste. Of course, she can use our blog as a launching pad, just as I used local newspapers before publishing my Memoirs. The feedback she has received from blog viewers more than justifies such a project.

  6. Nice to see you back Srianee. No doubt we can expect a gem or two from you soon!

  7. Mahendra, Nihal, Srianee, Indra and Lucky, thanks a million for your appreciative comments. I feel quite unworthy of them really. I am humbled by your suggestion to make a compilation, well I may think about it. Let me say, that all of you, repeat, all and many others in our batch have high literary capabilities in addition to your medical and other skills like photography and gardening. So let us celebrate all of you in our batch and let us share our efforts on this great medium of our Blog. Srianee, I join Mahendra in this comment and anticipate some gems from you.

  8. Zita, once again another 'Gem'.
    I know what pain is like. It has been with me like a shadow following me from my child hood-- physical pain, emotional pain (affairs of the heart), pain of loss of a parent when a child, back pain-KR(Kondhe Rudawa) following gardening, APR due to ageing, post-operative pain and pain of being unsuccessful -- been through the whole gamut. All these experiences have only made me more resilient to over come them and see where it has got me??.
    It is best to bury all these demons and never let them get the better of you.
    Enough of the philosophy lets get back to reality.
    Keep it up Zita and as others have said a book will the ideal follow up!!!.


  9. Sorry Zita, missed out on one important pain that WILL linger on up to my last breath is the loss of our first born, albeit a stillbirth, although we had 4 on follow up!!
    SHAME ON ME-- That pain is eternal!!!.

  10. Dear Razaque, you have shown us that pain is a lifelong suffering and touches every part of our existence. The loss of a first born caps it all. The parents and the whole family need the constant love, understanding and sharing by family, friends and colleagues. Thanks for reminding us.