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Friday, June 17, 2016

Creative Spot by Mahendra Gonsalkorale

I am scared
Where are we going
It is so tight here
Where is my father
It is so dark here
I am hungry
I am thirsty
Who are all these strange people
I want to go home
Why is that man carrying a gun
Where is my doll
I want to go home
I am so scared


  1. Mahendra, in a minimalistic manner you have illustrated the refugee crisis in a way I have not yet seen. It is very powerful. With a few strokes here and there, your drawing speaks volumes. You are illustrating well the poverty and the dire state of these people. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. That was a great & realistic presentation of what's going on around us in our world today.
    Your artistic talents are well known to me as in our years at Med. School you sketched me on an A4 sheet in a moment of boredom in the Library. That was preserved all these years only for it perish due to 'old age'--- it comes us all sooner or later!!!.

    "The Substantial One"

  3. Mahen, your black and white sketch has effectively depicted the terrifying predicament of these unfortunate people.Regards-Rohini

  4. Thanks Zita Razaque and Rohini. I am always more affected by the plight of innocent children who are sad victims and in no way deserve such sad and terrible sufferings

  5. Amazing expressive sketch, Mahen.

  6. Mahen
    I like the poem but the sketch is not one of your best.

  7. It is easier to say someone's work is good than to say otherwise. I can count on the fingers of one hand to whom I can be an honest critic. Mahen is person whom I respect enormously. We are all aware of his talents. personally I didn't think much of his sketch. Perhaps he drew it with his left hand!!

  8. I agree with you ND. It was done in a mighty hurry just before I set off to Peru. I am going to revise it when I get back and try and capture the anguish on the child's face.

  9. Hello Friends. I published this in my blog with a new illustration. Have a look if you got the time. Speedy.

  10. Great sketch with faces full of emotion. That is more like it!!
    Do replace the old one. Thanks

  11. Lucky obliged and the sketch has been updated. Hope readers prefer the new image.