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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Creative Post by Razaque Ahamat

Razaque has sent in what he calls his  'Blue Collection'.

Close up view of Cornflower 

Blue Geranium




  1. Sorry guys the in above photos...... Lavender and Iris scripts should be interchanged. It was a 'typo' as the guys down under call a typing error.


  2. Beautiful. I noticed the error- good you noticed it right away. Can we have another CORNFLOWER picture. I have a similar looking one in my BLUE/PURPLE patch it is called by a different name here? I love lavender 'but have no luck with it, does not survive the winter in NY. Blue geraniums are a rarity here.

  3. Thanks Indra,
    I shall send you another picture of Cornflower and shall make sure its not 'Corn-flour'!!!.
    Blue Geranium is a weed here and many an occasion I have sprayed them with weed-killer or physically uprooted & dumped them in the garbage bin!!!
    My Irises have not bloomed as yet--- when they bloom its in profusion. The one I posted was the first bloom for this year.
    Lavender too grows wild here, but manageable.


  4. Hi Razaque and everyone else, I am back after a long break, which was not intended to be so long. I am enjoying the results of your backbreaking efforts at gardening. Since I am no longer a homeowner, it is lovely to enjoy all these images without having to resort to Advil before bedtime! I do have the option of planting a few favorites now and then, but the best part is that I don't have to do the weeding! Enjoy!

    1. Thnaks Bunter.
      Nice to have you back. Missed you & wondered what happened to you?.
      We can now continue our Bunters,- sorry banters.
      Gardening, fresh air, Gym and a great wife, I suppose has helped me to overcome the intermittent episodes of ill health over the years and to stay alive to tell tale.


  5. When I saw "Blue poctures", I thought they were going to be.........
    Never mind, they were still worth looking at Rz.

    1. Thanks Mahen.
      Sorry to disappoint you. Did you think it was my 'udder collection'??
      I can bore you all with more 'udder' collections which are in the pipe line such as, Poppy, Lilly, Bonsai, Fox glove, Vegetable and my White Virgin Collections.
      Wait for them in the near future.

      Your 'Substantial One'