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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Look North Main City Jaffna Road 2015

From the blog of 1960 Medical batch, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Dr. JKSW writes......
I have visited friends in Jaffna about 7 times within 6 years. Twice in the last 6 months.
The changes are tremendous. One cannot recognise it from that seen  4 years ago!
The train takes 7 hours from Colombo.
This video is life –like; dimensions exact. Traffic well brought out. Excellent 13 minutes.
      However, thankfully, beyond 3 km from the city, it is lovely in all directions without sheer urbanisation.
There is far more there than Nagadeepa alone for the weekend throngs of visitors.
     The Association of orthopaedic surgeons held their 3 day conference/ demonstration of spinal surgeries at the hospital last week. A good time  by all.
I missed it though as I visited the previous week.
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Look North Main City Jaffna Road 2015


  1. One Sri Lanka where all citizens enjoy Peace , Prosperity and Safety regardless of ethnicity, religion, sex or other man-made barriers. This is what we should aspire for. Let us hope that Jaffna city will soon be like any other great city with happy people living without fear.

  2. Yes what I too admire is this gentle flow, in such harmony as though they had all practised it before and with no new advancements no gadgets no traffic signs but people in harmony with one another. Thanks for sharing!