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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

We have a Blog with a "New Look"

I am pleased to announce that we now have a Blog which has a "New Look". The new features enable visitors to navigate more easily by using the horizontal row of tabs at the top beginning with "Home" (click on this from anywhere to get back on the main  Home page) Next to the Home Page on the horizontal bar with the row of tabs is "Latest News" (click on this for latest news which will appear on another page, but you can always get back as the Home tab is still there). These two tabs are followed by "Important links" (this gives a series of websites and if you move your mouse pointer over it and left click, it will open a new page on your browser taking you to that website. Please note that our blog site remains open while you "play around". The new web appears on another page in your browser, irrespective of whether it is Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox or whatever you are using.

I wish to acknowledge here, the valuable advice and guidance given by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale.
He has been and continues to be, a tower of strength to me in maintaining this blog.



  1. Thanks Lucky and Speedy for the continued interest and your valuable input in maintaining our Blog. Your enthusiasm and hard work is much appreciated.
    Sriani Basnayake

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Sriani. Look forward to seeing you next year. You must tell me where I can get a few gallons of 'Kokath Thailya'- I need it!

  2. Just a clarification on Useful Links. The mouse hovering described is done AFTER clicking on the Useful Links Tab when the link subjects are shown one under the other. For example, College of Community Physicians. As you move the mouse pointer over it, it changes to a fist pointing a finger and the College of Community Physicians legend becomes underlined. If you now click on the left button, you will be taken to that site on another window.

  3. Lucky and Mahen
    Thank you so much for your great efforts to keep the Blog alive. Thankfully It is very much alive and well. I haven't had the time to 'play' with it to discover the important changes but I appreciate the many hours spent on making it user friendly.

  4. Lucky, this is very good and makes it very easy to navigate around the Blog. I think this is going to vastly increase the number of hits and our batch mates, I am sure, are going to visit the Blog and contribute easily. This is what is going to make a big difference since you started the Blog. Welcome, friends!

  5. Razaque aka RAZ.April 8, 2016 at 5:14 AM

    Thanks Lucky.
    What you have done all these years since you started this Blog has not only devised a forum for us batch mates, to chat and at times "hurl insults" at each other (and those outside), but also made it easier now to do so!!
    Well done you.
    Now think of something else to keep our dotage active till we get to our "non-age" -- now gradually coming into focus.

  6. Lucky and Mahen, Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
    If you see this comment would you please clarify as to what comprises a 'hit',and its significance.
    Is it a hit each time someone new looks into the blog even through curiosity and never looks into it again, and conversely, if the same person opens the blog 10 times for whatever reason would that be equivalent to 10 hits?
    Iam sorry to bother you with my ignorance-if it is too complex to explain please don't bother and I'll understand.cheers

  7. As far as I know, every time someone looks at the blog is considered a "hit". It can be the same or different people. Certainly not only those visiting for the first time. It is a rough indicator of a blog's popularity. However, there are robots planted by vested interests (fishing for personal information, advertising their own websites and blogs etc.) who also make "hits" by remote control. Thus our figures are not 100% genuine. Speedy can add.