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Sunday, February 7, 2016

When we met old friends

A few of us met at the Coffee Bean on Horton Place recently. Pram, Srianee (Bunter), Cyril and Kumar were present. My wife Mangala was also there. The expats are on holiday in Sri Lanka.

Cyril Ernest (Cardiologist in California)

Kumar Gunawardene (Cardiologist in Brisbane)
Bunter (Pathologist in CT)

These pictures were taken by Cyril.


  1. Thanks for the post Lucky. Good to see my old friends looking not so old! I hope to see you sometime in November this year.

  2. The ladies look elegant as ever. The men despite the thinning hair look dapper and suave. The passage of time, bringing up kids, pampering a career, climate change and economic upheavals seem to have just passed them by. Good on you ladies and gentleman. Long may it last!!

  3. ND has said it all-Lucky,Thanks for keeping us in the loop-RAna

  4. Great to see our friends and to see how well 'preserved' they are!
    Thanks for posting these.