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Thursday, February 18, 2016

E-mail sent by Srianee Fernando Dias

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How do bats echolocate and how are they adapted to this activity?

Lucky, could you please post this link to the Scientific American article entitled "How do bats echolocate and how are they adapted to this activity" to add to the discussion on Echolocation, which is the "Active use of Sonar (Sound Navigation And Ranging)" I think it is a very interesting discussion.

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  1. Srianee
    Simply fascinating, a marvel of nature. Having done Ultrasound to create images of internal organs most of my working life I can appreciate the process. When I was in the boarding at school there were 2 blind students. Their spatial awareness astounded me. One was a fine pianist.
    Thank you

    1. Nihal, , I think nature is always a few steps ahead of technology, don't you think? As for musicians and athletes who excel in spite of their handicaps, I am always in awe. I crossed one item off my "Bucket List" ( I really don't have a list - just in my head) when I saw Ray Charles perform live. That was a memorable experience.

    2. Srianee, you are right. Nature never fails to amaze me. As for Ray Charles I love his music and what a great man.

  2. One image is from the Museum of Paleontology, UC Berkeley and Regents of the University of California. It was at the University of California, Berkeley that I did my Master of Public Health (MPH) in 1974/75.

  3. Srianee, Thankyou for this link-
    The intricacies of nature are astounding.
    It appears you are still in sunny SL having fun!-

    1. Yes, I am still here, where it is sunny and very warm. I am meeting many of your old friends and mine! I will send you an email later.

  4. Zita, Srianee, and other readers who may be interested-
    there are many articles accessible on google on the mechanisms of echolocation in marine animals as well.

  5. Srianee thanks a lot for the link to information on the subject of echolocation which is fascinating. I have to admit I had not heard of it at all up to a few weeks ago. The intricacies of adaptation of various species to life on earth are to be marvelled at.