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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Creative Spot - By Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale

Composed and sung by Mahendra based on a poem by Magadalena Podobinska.


  1. Mahen
    I like the piece very much. Played on a Tyros it is so good just imagine how lovely it would be with an orchestra with violins viola cello and saxophone and trumpets. It would be great as a film score. "Eat your heart out John Williams."

  2. Thanks ND. I am now quite used to getting feedback only from you and Zita! Glad you like it.

    1. What about your 'S' Friend???.
      As our 'Handy ND' has posted and as I have always said, your efforts are worthy of further prospects!!!.
      Well done Mahen.

      Your 'S' Friend --- Razaque

    2. Of course my dear friend Razaque! Your contributions never fail to stimulate my laughter centre in the brain which has polysynaptic connections to the happiness and joy centre! These observations may not be scientifically proven but they are "substantially" true.

  3. I was cheered up when I received this email from Rohini A today!

    Dear Mahen,
    Saw your last comment on the blog!
    The following is from an email I sent Zita a while ago-
    " the poems and pictures you and Mahen posted for national poetry day were excellent- Unfortunately I couldn't post a comment !"
    just so you know your posts in the blog do not go unappreciated!!