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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Vedavanam's son was in Town

Vedavanam's son Dr. Sivatharan and his family are on holiday in Sri Lanka. Two very old friends who were with him at Regents House HO's Quarters in the early seventies met him. Narada (Warnasuriya) who was in our junior batch is on extreme left. Veda had been Narada's Bestman when the latter got married. Veda was married to Dhushyanthi and had two children - "Tharan" as he is fondly called, and Krishni, both of whom are doctors.


  1. It's great to see Narada after all these years.

  2. Nice to see you,Lucky.
    As for Tharan, he was just a llittle 'boy' when I knew him in London prior to 1984 when we moved to Scotland. I hope he has acquired his father's impish humour!!!!
    Now for Narada,--- he still looks the 'Perter Pan' as I knew him --- keep it up Narada----- & what's the secret???

    Razauqe Ahamat.

  3. Indeed, Narada has that eternal youthful look! The secret? I wish I knew!