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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Remembering the 50th Anniversary Reunion of 2012 - Unseen Pictures

What better way to recall the good time we all had at the 2012 Reunion than this. I have just received a new set of photographs from Cyril Ernest and I am very pleased to share them with you all. The photos are of very high quality (taken with his sophisticated camera) and I am sure they are yet unseen by many. Sit back and enjoy!

It is a pity that Priya, Kamali and Lucien who attended the Reunion didn't live to see these pictures.


  1. Its nice to see those faces as near as possible to what they would be looking like today!!!
    Pity that we were not able to attend in view of major surgery we underwent not long before that event. I certainly would have liked to have had at least a last glimpse of those dear departed.
    I hope I will be well enough & "still among the living" for the 'next one'????


    1. It would have been nice if both of you were able to come but of course we all understand why you couldn't. We were the losers as your infective and contagious sense of humour would have brightened the occasion no end,

  2. Great to see these and re-live the occasion. I knew Cyril took a lot of photos and they have certainly come out well. The ravages of time could not significantly alter the subjects although the forestation on the .Dome has suffered a bit in some and in others, there is a detectable increase in the girth and of course the single chin has been joined by a few others in some cases. It was great fun!

    Looking forward to the next one!

  3. Mahen,
    Thank you for your 'observations'. They are all inevitable ravages of marching of time and along with it natural changes of progression of life.!! That reminds me of a comment made by the late Priya in 1997 that I shall divulge in later posting -- will have to wait for it!!!

    Razaque, your 'S' friend!!

  4. I never tire of seeing group photos of our batch mates at get togethers of our landmark events. It just shows these gatherings were really important to have done and it should encourage those who never attended to do so at least once.