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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Visit to an Old Friend

We arrived in New York on 2 July for a brief holiday in the US. My old friend Indra (Anandasabapathy) met us at JFK and we spent three most enjoyable days at his beautiful home in Staten Island. Indra's wife Rani as usual, spared no pains to graciously host us. Our daughter Dilushi too drove up from Virginia to join us there. We left for Virginia Beach, VA on 5 July and are now enjoying our stay with Dilushi.

We will be returning to Sri Lanka on 31 July after visits to Greenville and Columbia in South Carolina (to see old friends) and to Columbus, Georgia where Mangala's sister is residing.

These two pictures were taken by Rani who is an accomplished photographer apart from her numerous other talents.



  1. Good to see you globe trotting and having a good time. If you meet Indra again before you return, please give my regards. I always remember him as the man who had a photographic memory for Cunningham.

  2. Indra
    It is great to see you, a picture of health. We both go back a long way from Wesley College to Medical School with a long parallel journey only to diverge in June 1967 and never to meet again. When you were in London I couldn't see you due to a series of unexpected events beyond my control. I am indeed sorry not being able take that opportunity to meet a friend whom I respect enormously. Life has moved on since, I am long retired and if you ever come to London please contact me and we could relive those years again. These are our resplendent years. My warmest regards to you and the family. Meanwhile enjoy life.

  3. Lucky, Have a great time with your family in US. Here a short "kaviya" that I could not resist posting!!!

    "Lucky in Staten Island,
    Sakala Bujan,
    Kota kalisan???"
    Gang-wathura ganang?????"

    INDRA-- Let me take this chance and thank you ever so much for 'write - up' about Anathantham Harin. I did not know of this guy too well, nevertheless it is very pleasing to note the contributions rendered to mankind by our compatriots and we all should crow about it.
    You may remember he last time we met was at our Re-Union in NY, in 2000.
    Shortly after that I went NZ for about 6 years.
    Let me wish you and your dear family all the very best.
    Kind regards.

  4. Good to hear of our batch mates and their families meeting up to spend a few enjoyable days. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. The surroundings look idyllic.

  5. Speedy, Nihal and Razaque thanks for pitching in with your comments. That visit of mine to London always puzzled me- .Razaque, i remember our last meeting in London- you were in the Scottish kilt & it really suited you. Farook told me several years later that you were in NZ.

    Zita, thanks for being a live wire in the blog.
    I had another batch mate of ours in NYC, Preethi Rajapakse, wife Kusum & daughter a few days ago.