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Friday, June 5, 2015

General Guidelines for Contributors

It's almost five years since this blog was launched, but it's not too late to provide general guidelines for prospective contributors. As most blog viewers know, I have always been trying to get more contributors from our batch to get fully immersed and involved in this blog. I have encouraged, persuaded and cajoled, but stopped short of coercion! Please consider this too to be just another step in that direction.


1. A contributor must usually have some affiliation to the 1962 Batch (June 1962 entrants to the Colombo Medical Faculty). But if someone who does not fall into this category wishes to make a contribution which would be considered of interest to the Blog readers, he/she could submit it to the Blog Administrator (BA) and the BA's decision will be final.

2. Qualifying contributors should submit articles (or other material) of potential interest to the Blog readership, to the BA who will publish after due consideration.

3. Qualifying articles (or materials/items) are in general:
(a) Related to the Medgrad 1962 Batch period (entry to graduation)
(b) Related to Sri Lankan and World events, especially in that period.
(c) Related to Medical Education.
(d) Related to significant achievements of members of the batch.
(e) Obituary notices and appreciation of colleagues, teachers and people who have contributed in different fields
     (especially Medicine) in Sri Lanka. Appreciations pertaining to persons who are still living are welcome.
(f) Artistic, musical or other creative contributions suitable for the "Creative spot".
(g) Anything else that is deemed to come under the categories listed on the right hand column of this blog.
4, In view of the popularity of sharing of jokes and other humourous material, the BA shall post at suitable intervals, what he considers to be among the best contributions that are received. Submission of original humourous stories based on one's personal experiences are encouraged. Those who like to share their jokes can also submit them selectively as comments to the jokes that are posted.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Blog Administrator)


  1. Thanks Lucky for all the trouble taken to keep the Blog going.

  2. Yes , Sriani, aren't we LUCKY to have OUR LUCKY as the BA of the 1962 Batch Blog!!!!!
    All his efforts, enthusiasm and valuable time he devotes to the website is unparalleled and the least ALL members of the 1962 batch can do is to, at least occasionally contribute and keep in touch with the REST........ Thank you once again OUR LUCKY.
    May the GOOD LORD give you long life, strength and stamina to continue your good work...... only for the satisfaction of it and none of material gain.

  3. Indeed as many have pointed out, we owe a deep debt of gratitude to Lucky for starting this super blog (better than super bug!). Although the number of contributors have not grown much, I am sure that a lot of our mates do visit it.Let us all help to keep it going!