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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pope's visit to Sri Lanka in pictures

The following e-mail from Virginia shows that our blog is not only being viewed silently by many, but some are inclined to make contributions from time to time. Members of our batch are scattered in many parts of the world. But this is one way in which we can keep in touch with each other.

E-mail from Virginia Swan De Vos.


3:34 AM (4 hours ago)
to me

Hi Lucky
I am sending you this link of the Pope's visit in case you want to put it into the batch blog.  It shows how the people of Sri Lanka are now reuniting.

Click here:

Pope's visit to Sri Lanka


  1. It was indeed pleasing to see a "new face" on our Blog. Hope you are well and enjoying life Virginia. Thanks for the link marking this very significant event in Sri Lankan history.

  2. Glad you've dived in at last Virginia- Keep on swimming now!
    Rohini Ananadaraja

  3. From Zita
    Virginia's post and papal visit presentation is indeed very welcome. Hi Virginia!
    We who only had sketchy news of this event truly appreciate this very visual presentation of the 3 day papal visit almost on the heels of the appointment of a new President. The view of orderly crowds against familiar beautiful Sri Lankan scenes and the obvious enthusiasm of the devotees and the public just give us a sense of how it was. Thanks again to Virginia for sending it and Lucky for publishing it.
    Zita Perera Subasinghe

  4. Virginia
    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the posting. We hope the Papal visit will bring peace to Sri Lanka and its people.

  5. Thank you for these beautiful pictures Virginia. It is lovely to hear from you. I was able to watch the mass on television, because I happened to be in Colombo at the time. When the priest stepped out among the people to serve communion carrying white umbrellas, we got a breathtaking ariel view of the whole thing. The whole event was well organized and the crowds so orderly and patient. The hotels in the area served free refreshments to everyone under tents. Coming on the heels of an unexpectedly peaceful election, the Pope's visit made me feel that blessings were being showered on Sri Lanka. I hope that we are on a new path, with the violence and corruption of the past behind us. Thanks again, Virginia. I hope to see more contributions from you.