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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sriani Snippets - 9

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  1. What a laugh! Rugby players at Royal were venerated as heroes. When I was a sixth former without any identity and largely ignored by humanity, I had visions of strutting the corridors of the school with hundreds of admiring junior eyes on me, as I was now a famous wing three quarter. This was of course a dream but I resolved to make it come true and turned up for rugger practice as a preliminary to stardom. We lined up on the turf and at the blow of a whistle, the chap on the left of the person next to be tested had to make a run for it and the person had to run after him and tackle him. This progressed down the line and finally it was my turn to tackle the chap on my left who happened to be particularly well endowed with muscle, sinew, bones and other essential anatomical attributes whereas I was bereft in all these and was more like a malnourished bean pole. Anyway, he ran. and ran and I ran after him.. was catching up.. but then he looked back a bit and glared at me whereupon I took a slight left and continued to run till I reached the edge of the ground and went on to run out of the school towards home, my dream and self esteem shattered. I stuck to studies after that and I think I did rather well!