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Monday, December 1, 2014

Creative Spot - Ave Maria by Zita (Perera) Subasinghe

Music was done by Zita several years ago. But she had arranged the visuals a couple of days ago. I thought this would be a good way to start the month of December when Christians around the world will be celebrating Christmas.

If necessary, adjust the volume using the "mute" button at the bottom of the visual. Click on:


  1. Zita
    Thank you. Ave maria always brings back geat memories of the past when it was sung by Luciano Pavarotti. I like the arrangement. As Schubert intended it reflects the solemnity and piety of this beautiful melody. Very seasonal indeed.
    God Bless

  2. Zita, that was a wonderful. It was so soothing to listen to your rendition of "Ave Maria". The visuals were also well chosen. Please do post a few more of your "creations" on our Blog.

  3. Well done Zita! Your musical talents are obvious and I am so glad that you are sharing them with us. I look forward to more contributions. I love this song and there are several You Tube renditions I particularly like and they are from Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli and that amazing little girl Jackie Evancho. Al the best, Speedy