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Monday, October 20, 2014

Golden Rules for Aging Gracefully

I received this e-mail from Srianee (Bunter) and thought of posting it on the blog as all of us in our batch are about the age when the main contents of  the message are applicable.

Hello Lucky,
I got this from a cousin in Sri Lanka and it really “hit the spot.” This is attributed to Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, a Japanese physician who is 97 years old.  Do you think this may be a good item for the blog, since we are all on that path?
All the best,



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  2. Excellent advice. I would also add -
    Maintain your health
    (1) check your BP and take necessary action if high,
    (2) check your lipid profile - take action,
    (3) get your weight down if high,
    (4) take regular mental and physical exercise
    (4) Check whether you are a diabetic and take necessary action.
    (5) Reduce animal fats and take plenty of fruit and veg
    (6) Don't worry about things which you have no control over (e.g., the budget deficit in Lithuania!

  3. Remember and stick to what you have to do to lead a healthy life but don't dwell on it too much and be obsessive. Let it be a habit and not a millstone round your neck. Remember also the awesome force of destiny can always surprise you. Meanwhile be happy and content with what you have.
    ND Amerasekera