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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Creative Spot - "Nim him sewwa sasare" by Mahendra Gonsalkorala

Speedy's rendition of Nim Him Sewwa.

Note from Speedy:

I think people like music for all sorts of reasons and for some the lyrics are vital, for others the melody and musical arrangement attracts them to a piece of music (that is what  I am like), while others want rhythm and tempo. When I sing, I don't attempt to produce a carbon copy of the original (much better to listen to the original if that is what is required!) and I am interested in producing something that is pleasing  and well produced. It is bit like a painting or a photograph -  I am more attracted to paintings which LOOK like a painting than paintings which look like a photograph (some admire the latter type and say "Wow! painting is fabulous, it looks like a real photograph!). Now I am not ridiculing them as I think people are entitled to have different views but just stating my point of view. I like creativity, improvisation and imagination! That's me!

Note from the Administrator:

The original version of this beautiful song was sung by Pandith W.D. Amaradeva. Pandith Amaradeva has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Philippine Ramon Magsaysay Award (2001), Indian Padma Sri Award, and Lankan President's Award of Kala Keerthi (1986) and Deshamanya Award (1998).

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