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Friday, November 29, 2013

Message from Sanath Lamabadusuriya

From: Professor Sanath P. Lamabadusuriya <>
Date: Sat, Nov 30, 2013 at 7:39 AM
Subject: Buddhika

Dear Friends,

As some of you may already be aware, Buddhika's funeral took place
yesterday (Friday) at Kanatte.

She spent over one month at the Asiri Central Hospital, Colombo during her
terminal illness, Harshan, our second son came over from UK
to be with her at her bed-side during the last few weeks. (He came several
times during the last  two years to spend quality time with her).

She was cared for by an excellent team of doctors, led by Dr. Kanishka
Karunaratna, (most of whom were my former students in Galle and Colombo).
Buddhika herself had taught some of them. I was amazed by their level of
commitment and loving care in addition to their professional skills.

Buddhika's final moments were as planned by her. All four of us were with her
reciting pirith. As she was fond of flowers, I was very glad to see her
surrounded by lovely bouquets and wreaths when friends and relations came to
pay their final respects.While I was kept busy with my professional
activities, she brought up the three children in an exemplary manner. I am sure
that she was quite pleased with what they achieved during her lifetime. She
led a very spiritual life spending a lot of time and and resources for
Buddhist activities. She helped quite a lot of our relatives who were less
well off, for their social upliftment. I learnt many things in life from
her during our 37 years of wedded life. She was solely responsible for
arranging the marriages of two of our chidren. Dilusha's marriage was
arranged by her from her sick bed.

Dear friends, you could once again commence to send e-mails and I will have
more time to read them and respond.

Kind regards,