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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

From Razaque's Diary

On seeing the posting with your prologue/preamble on blog, brought flash-backs of my Primary School /Senior School days at St.Anthony's College, Wattala.You may or may not remember the happenings at that point in time as you left school when your family had to move on in view of your father's government posting. As a result, we parted company!! Therefore, you may not recollect the many nicknames, and thus the name callings by my so called "classmates" that I had to endure due to my physical appearance. They called me -- Double-Head, Big Head, ALI-OLUWA, Bada, ALUGHOSUWA, HYS GEDDIYA, Tadpole" as I was  "largely" built with an above average size of head. Also, another impediment I suffered was a severe strutter/ stammer --- so, it was a case of relentless-- GOTHAYA & GOLUWA!!. Along with the above "also known as"--AKA!!! Also, in view of my conformation to ancient religious practices (also by Jews!!) to the male gender, which I shall not elaborate, I had further bullying.........

I was bigger and stronger than those RUNTS. So the only way I could get my own back was BRUTE FORCE. They did feel the knuckles of my clenched fist on their SNOUTS, GOBS and JAWS!!, and they ran crying to the teachers!!! Sometimes I was punished and at other times, they themselves got the treatment --- to my glee!!! As years passed by, things settled down and these harassments receded. I had other interests that took my fancy such as, Cricket, Football, Athletics, Spelling-Bee, Quiz Team etc., in all of which I excelled.  However, I was deprived the Captaincy. You know "ALWAYS THE BESTMAN, NEVER THE GROOM" just as "Always the bridesmaid, never the BRIDE." "THE BESTMAN NEVER GETS THE BRIDE"!!! I suppose this was a blessing in disguise--- I became more and more determined to "GET AHEAD"!!

It all came to a head when we had to face "all comers" Public Examinations --- THE SENIOR SCHOOLS CERTIFICATE (S.S.C) --you may recollect. At this point, I proved a point that I was not all that HYS(empty) up there!!! I obtained a First Division pass with distinctions in Physics, Pure Maths & Applied Maths and in the rest of the subjects credit passes, being the first in the history of the fledgling school to achieve a First Division pass in any stream-Science or Arts!!! However, the award I cherished most was the credit in Sinhala, being the only candidate to do so that year from all the streams of study from the school!!! (In actual fact there were several other candidates achieving distinction passes)!!!!! My glory days were yet to come--- when I was the FIRST EVER, again, from the school's Bio Science stream to enter the University to follow a course in Medicine. The moral of this is "WHAT GOES ROUND COMES ROUND". The day I received the results, I took the letter to school and showed it to the Rector. He was delighted and subsequently that day, a notice went round to all the classes declaring a Half Holiday for the whole school!!! I was delighted as I thought it was for my success!! In actual fact this was due to the inclement weather conditions and NOT for my achievement!!! Disappointed again!!!

It was at this point, as fate played its hand, that you and I had to meet again and be reunited in the First MB course. Rest is history. Alas, we had to part company again on qualifying as doctors.

I shall contact you again with my "situation experiences" in my medical practice from Siyambalanduwa... to the ANTIPODES!!!

Watch this will be again at "MY EXPENSE" and nothing Clinical!!!


  1. You haven't changed much Razaque. I think Sri lankans are hard to beat when it comes to irreverent nick names e.g. podda, gona, puspadeya, rathuwa, kaluwa, elaharaka, godaya , gothaya etc. Good to see your photo and experience your good sense of humour - all the best, Speedy

  2. Hey Razaque
    Remember ? Bernard, you and I lived in Wattala in the Block days of recurrent stress. We studied together at St Anne's Wattala when we attended an Old Boys dinner. I got drunk and had to be carried home like a corpse. The train from Hunupitiya to Maradana we never got a seat and were crushed like sardines. We never complained but enjoyed life. I often think of those years as some of the best in my life. Got to live in the present!! Its good to hear from you. Your good humour hasn't changed. I hope your health troubles are at an end and your God will look after you.
    Take care my friend and keep writing
    ND Amerasekera