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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

E-Mail from Razaque Ahamat

I was very happy to receive this e-mail from my old friend Razaque Ahamat whom I knew was not in the best of health. You will see that Razaque has retained his sense of humour despite his ill health. I felt that our batch colleagues too would find it interesting - to know how he is doing in Scotland and about his family. As a matter of policy, I always get the writer's consent before posting personal e-mails on the blog. Hence the delay.

I met Razaque in June 1961 quite some time before I got to know the rest of the batch in the Colombo Medical Faculty the following year. Along with me, he was one of 15 students who had entered the Science Faculty at Thurstan Road to follow the 6 months course in Chemistry. Incidentally, others from our 1962 batch who were in that 1st MB group were: Zita Perera, Cyril Ernest, Puvan Ramalingam, Ranjit Kariyawasam and V. Kunasingham. We soon discovered that both of us had probably been in the same class (Standard 3) at St. Anthony's College, Wattala as well, way back in 1948. I last met Razaque when he and Farina visited my home during one of his trips to Sri Lanka in the eighties.

Dr. Razaque Ahamat
4:16 PM (22 hours ago)

It has been a long time since you all heard 'from me' or 'of me'!!!It has been a very turbulent year or so for us...AGAIN.
In May I went down with a severe attack of Pneumonia and was rushed to hospital in a delirious state with slurring of speech,weakness on one side and a temperature of 43.5 C..!!!
Investigations confirmed Pneumonia and a Brain scan .....showed that there was NOTHING THERE!!!! not surprised eh???
The very next day my son , Hajirin had severe abdominal pain....not pregnant!!! and was also rushed to hospital and was operated on as an emergency. It was a very anxious time till the biopsy report came as Diverticulosis. He still has not gone back to work and it will not be a long time....though he is impatient!! He was in hospital for more than 3 weeks. In the
meantime I was discharged after 2 plus weeks.
Two of the same family in hospital at the same time with conditions that could have gone either way!! Also, you might remember in 2009 my wife, Farina and I had very major Cardiac surgery 6 weeks apart. This seems to be a habit with us!!!
Anyway, I seem to have cheated "the Arch Angel Gabrial/Maraya/malakkal mowth more than once---next time not so lucky??

A little bit of news of my brood---- They have now obtained Membership of their respective Royal Colleges--Physicians, Psychiatry and Dental Surgery and appear to be progressing okay!!!

Wish you all the very best for the REST OF YOUR FUTURES.