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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Brief Visit to London

We were on a brief visit to London in July/August on our way to do the Cosmos European tour that covered six countries. I had time to visit two members of our batch who were my schoolmates at Ananda. I met Suren Iyer after 43 years! The last time I met him was when I attended his homecoming in 1970. I also visited Sunil Abeysuriya at his West Hendon home. I have known Sunil since 1949 when we lived in the same neighbourhood in Manning Town. Much as I would have liked to, I simply didn't have time to meet any others. In fact, most of our friends in the UK would not have known about our visit to London.

Clicking glasses with Sunil. Looking on is my friend Lakhi Liyanage whom I have known as a classmate at Ananda.

 With Suren and Swini in their backyard.


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures Lucky. I can't recall when I last saw Suren and Sunil, it was certainly many many moons ago. I can see glimpses of the way they looked when we were all young and innocent! They both have their particular brand of posture still I note.

    Glad to know that you both had an enjoyable trip.
    - Speedy-

    1. Hi Speedy,

      As informed beforehand, I did not contact you and so many others in our batch.

      Hope to meet you in Sri Lanka on your next visit.


  2. It is good to see photos of Suren and Sunil after so many years. Although they live in London our paths have never crossed. With our surnames beginning with "A" we weathered the storms together at medical college. Rags to Riches some may say. How time has flown since those happy days of our youth