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Sunday, July 8, 2012

We Entered Medical School 50 Years Ago

Please click on the following link to read my article titled "We Entered Medical School 50 Years Ago" in the Sunday Island of 8th July, 2012.

Hi Lucky!
It's a remarkable contribution you have made. It just rolled back the years and took one on a walk down memory lane. I particularly like the fact that you always give respectful imp ortance to our dear departed batch mates. They are like golden posts on that memory lane.
For some strange reason although 50 more years of student intake has taken place, to me, our 1962 batch stands out like a bright star. It must be because I have watched all the stars of our batch as they shone over the years. If they could all write down their experiences as you did, Lucky, we would have many best sellers in Sri Lanka, and some inspiration to aspiring students of any subject.


As expected, it was an excellent 'article' you have presented!  You have always been the genuine and sincere chap I  came to know since we became medical colleagues!  Fate delivered a welcome and complimentary blow on me, when one day (post graduation) we became close relations!  Hilariously, as I recall, you became my "Uncle"!!!!! (  this topic is open to debate and dissension!)
  Above all this, you always maintained a very superior sense of humour which undoubtedly embellished your character and won my personal admiration!  Pity there weren't more like you - then again, we would be asking for a 'perfect world', which alas does not exist! 
     Laughter, humour, satire,sarcasm and wit are the only great qualities left in a human being.It also helps to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the animal world. Unless such 'traits' are nurtured,  stimulated and caressed we may all descend into a state of anarchy and frustration!
 Regrettably, some do not share these views, but by quoting the wise words of Siddarth Gautama,  "all component things are subject to degeneration and decay", we should, and at all times, remain diligent.  "Happiness" is a state of the mind and we should not deny it to ourselves, by the avoidance of good humour!
    It is very commendable of you to liaise with our  former medical school mates, in your effort to revive good old times!
I wish you and the other 'organisers' all success at the forthcoming events.  Neelangani joins me to send our love to you and your family. Maithree!

from Dr. Ranjith Dambawinna


Fine memories and as always well written.


From Malkanthie McCormick

Thank you for a wonderful article! Thank you also to the hard work of all the members of the organizing committee to make this the best ever re union! I am glad, Swyrie prevailed on me to make this trip and I look forward to the re union!



Super article Lucky. So reminiscent of good old days gone by. You have got us even more excited about meeting friends after so long.



Thanks Lucky
Good one!


well done ,just read your article .



  1. A timely reminder for all of us who were so fortunate to be recipients of a fantastic education which we should acknowledge with immense gratitude. CWW Kanangara, the "Father of Free Education" was a visionary who is all too often forgotten and confined to History. As Lucky said, we have many colleagues who have risen to great heights but I have no doubt that all of us have contributed to Humanity at large by just practising our noble vocation;such a great privilege and an honour, such a responsibility and a pleasure.

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