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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Anybody for Golf?

Dear All,

Just wondering whether any of you are interested in a game of golf on the lead up to or after the Hikkaduwa event? It would be lovely if we could form a group and play in Colombo or even Digana. If interested, could you email me please?



  1. Sumathi had a better idea - how about a game of cricket (soft ball I hope) or even football (although I am even more useless for balls on feet!). Even the girls can join and we can I hope find room for a game at Hikkaduwa. As a fun game, we could play Gudu!

  2. So far, Preethi Rajapakse and Patas have shown an interest. Preethi is especially interested if it is at Digana.

  3. Sorry Bora! The updated Golf Interest Group is
    a) Speedy
    b) Patas
    c) Bora
    d) Preethi