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Monday, April 30, 2012

E-mail from Rajan (Patas) Ratnesar 4:14 AM (3 hours ago)

Hi Lucky,

I enjoyed my study partner speedy's reasons for attending the reunion. As you know I have tried to attend all the reunions but missed one, though i had booked my flights etc, but had to cancel because of the said to be situation in Sri  Lanka. But as Speedy mentioned this could be the last time we may see some of our dear friends that we spent 5 happy years with.

Just as one incident that has been in my memory following the last reunion 5 years ago. I met Anna ponnambalam after 40 years and she recounted her days in Zimbabwe and her final exit from that country after her husband had passed away. Alas she is no more and if I had not been at the last reunion, I would not have not known the hardships, dear Anna went through. I am sure there are many stories that we can relate to, through our days in Medical school to present time, and to see each other and share a drink and a joke is worth the tresure.

Let me know if I can help to contact more of our batchmates to encourage them to come. I am working on Vish, and hopefully he will be there.

Best to you and your wife

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  1. Great to see your contribution Patas and look forward to seeing you. Speedy