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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Colombomedgrads1962 Crossword Puzzle

Mahendra Gonsalkorala ("Speedy") is without any doubt, the most active contributor to this blog. Personally, I am much indebted to him because I badly need such participation to keep this going. Since I started the blog, there have been over 4000 visits. It can't be just members of our batch. It's a healthy sign if others too are interested. One of the reasons could be that with the help of one of our seniors (Phillip Veerasingham of the "Three hundred" batch), a link to our blog is provided in the COMSAA blog. On some days, I see around 100 "hits", particularly when there is a new posting. I wish all other batch members too would follow Speedy's example and contribute more often.

Speedy's latest contribution is an interesting crossword puzzle. One has to be very creative to develop a puzzle like this. A lot of hard work goes into it. The correct solution will be posted on this blog in about four weeks time.

Please see Speedy's message below.

Dear Fellow Batchmates,

I hope you have some fun doing this crossword which is offered to you with the hope that it would bring fond memories from the past. I hope I have not offended any of you with the clues and answers I have chosen and if I have done so I can assure you that no malice was intended and I do apologise. If you would like a printable copy, please send an email to the address given at the general introduction to the blog ( or to Lucky's personal e-mail and you will receive a reply with an attachment which you can download and print. I am grateful to Lucky for tolerating my frequent posts.

Have Fun!


Please click on the puzzle for a clearer enlarged image.


1      Used to be Malaria boss.
4    Sudden noise in San Francisco
8    Second Initial and first letter of surname of Radiotherapy legend
10  Two of them nun Ahs
11   Pushy girl children transport
12   Personal Computer
13  One of several types, all cons
16  Googly ex Thomian  in California bowled many a maiden over
18  Broadband provider with Leg missing
19  Aiyo! He is cute!
20  Anger
21 Disallow ‘ dula’ and get cross eyed (apologies!)
23  Do as they do when there
25  Meditating tall dark fellow with a big smile
27  Chief blogger and Author- so fortunate
29  California surgeon – very young
30 Before a butterfly
32 There are two of these ladies and this one also eye catching!
33  Experiments done here
35  Criminals beware of this Department.
37 South East
38 Middle East
39 The scratching eye surgeon!
40 Vacuum clean the Biochemistry dept.
44 We are all for this attribute.
47 Leads the way, always in the forefront
50 Sadly no more –sun not available
51 King of Sri lanka Paediatrics
53 Add on to the Ant
54 Poet, blogger and zee has beautiful eyes
56 Initials of one of the many Wicks
57 Our late friend Tudor used to show this at times
58 The unspoilt swimmer lost the last two letters.
61  Question and Answer.
62  Short for expected arrival time
64  Many of us have reached this stage!
65  Lend and ear, nose and throat, and go for W on V.
69  Srilanka faithful flower who changed Jaya to Rub
71  Coconut
72  Bowled a maiden over in a bullish way.
74  The fairer sex of the suriya ebay jumbled family of two in batch
       75 Canadian squirrel started a Castle


1.       Lovable big liar was big boss
2.       Same as 10 across
3         Defunct Irish Terror Outfit
4          Family planning adorable cutie
5         Automobile service
6         Time Must Linger Right!
7         She is the youngest, puts to sleep medically before cut open
8         The fastest mouse
9         Athlete from dark ages bound to 74.
14  Neuro turned bloody not boring at all!
15  Child academic again!
17  Royal sign on pillar box
22   Give the OK
24  Argyle Robertson’s pupil
26  GP no more, he deserves a thorana in Horana
28  Physiology stories, first author
29  Initials only please,  I am a Radiologist and blogger
30 The Big Boss- had a daughter with us.
31  Advanced Level
34  So say we!
36 He starts this way before win and jokes a lot.
37 South Africa
41 Oh Wit in festival is her last name
42  Big Cricket Show in India
43  Physiology stories – second author, he is big!
45 First name of Chubby in math aha!
46  Some big timers wear on their wrists
47  South West
48  Royal Navy
49  Every Other
52 The food is consumed
55 So many shed in a woman’s life!
59 We had lessons in places like this
60 Inspector of Police
62 A flightless bird in the European Union?
63 Painted with this in second rag
65 Only batch to have this twice
66 What a time!
67 Anatomy Prof who lost his As and gained an S
68 Hardly used now after PowerPoint
70 So many of us went there
72 Useful greeting when we meet and popular socialite magazine in SL
73 An UK English start to American English etiology


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