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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Wheels turning rapidly
Blurred images passing by,
No time.
All too brief acquaintances
Forever catching up,
No time.
Deadlines, projects, meetings
Rushing about on wheeled things,
No time.
Finishing, only to start again,
Is this living?
Stop before it’s too late!

And now,
Slow down.
Time to pause, to reflect, to notice
Time to absorb, to learn
Time to indulge, to take, to give, to appreciate
Time to be detached,
Slow down.
Time to rediscover Nature,
The sheer peaceful beauty of trees,
The delightful sounds and sights of birds,
The living tapestry of the transforming sky
Time to treasure all things beautiful,
Slow down,
And live again.

Sent in by Mahendra Gonsalkorala

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