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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rajan (Patas) Ratnesar writes.....

11:20 AM (18 minutes ago)
to me

Hi Lucky,
I tried writing into the blog but was not successful. I can recall the final year block concert, and the guy in a sarong bared hairy upper body is his excellency " King Farrrrr---------t  of Thailand and the actor is yours truly. Behind with a moustache is my dear cousin Mahesan. I was half drunk I think( you can see I have a beer mug in my hands) and on Monday following the concert I was chastised by our beloved Dean Pachaya who unfortunately for me sat next to my father at the concert. I thought after that I would be banned from ever talking to one of my good friend in Mediacl school Rohini, but we I have lost contact in recent years with miles having seperated many of us. Hopefully the reunion will bring many of us back to recall all our happy days. As for the other Pictures, I recall our block trip to Negombo and for the late Dr. Douglas Seneviratne who entertained us. Like many I too was not at the graduation so cannot recognise faces.
I enjoyed Speedy's poem on retirement I too will be calling it a day on May first

Hopefully we will have more contributing but loking forward to August

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  1. Good to see you joining the fun Patas. Keep contributing and get more from the US contributing.