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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Encouraging Responses from Colleagues

From Zita Subasinghe

Dear Lucky,
You are doing a fantastic job with the our batch blog spot. I agree we the batch mates should take more interest. I am getting ready some articles to submit and will do so towards this weekend. We will try to get others in our medical fraternity into conversation. It doesn't have to be any thing literally exhaulted. I have something paranormal to submit!
Our minds are now open to all these things as we have lived in the University of the world and not just the world of medical undergrad training of the early 60s. But that's what brought us all together from various  backgrounds. And look at the result! We created batch which is unique and some of our graduates were world class. Sadly one or two such died young. But before we get too long in the tooth we have a chance to leave behind some ideas, memories, thought provoking stories and even short expressions of our own humble experiences in our chosen fields in the countries we have chosen to live in.
So lets get those rusty pens out eh?
I will keep my word and hey friends in Canada, US, Australia, Sri Lanka, we want to hear from you.
Zita S

(Lucky,if you think the above plea will get our mates writing, please put it in somewhere on the blog. I hope to fish out some of my own old photos and make  a story. I really love your photographic stories. Good on you! Z)

From Mahendra Gonsalkorala

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 1:57 AM, Mahendra Gonsalkorale <> wrote:

Could I add my own plea to my dear colleagues too. It would be so nice to read your stories and experiences. It is a chance to show us any new talents you have acqu ired (or old ones refined).

I added this as a comment to Lucky's blog on the Final Year trip. It would be so nice if you add a bit of your reminiscences too.

Come on !!  Go ahead!!  Don't hold back!!

Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale. Still the fastest mouse!

Amazing stuff Lucky. I remember parts of the trip but would not be able to replay the whole thing in my mind. Never realised you had so many photos, and to think that you preserved them all these years! I am afraid I don't have any. I think I have posted the story about Victor Hector Proctor but it is worth repeating in the context of your blog. Victor was a teetotaler and he was unfortunately singled out for "treatment" against this, what was regarded by some of our colleagues as a terrible condition, purely from an altruistic view of course, one does not want one's fellow medics to miss out on the joys of alcohol. He was "offered" arrack with gentle persuasion and some precautions were taken such as holding his hands behind him (in case he got too excited) and pi nching his nostrils to ensure that he would be reminded to swallow the arrack as it was poured into his mouth. Being a very sensible and pragmatic chap, he decided to swallow the stuff. An hour or so later, his facial landscape changed and he began to display an inane grin. He then staggered his way joyfully to an anthill outside the Doctor's quarters where the merriment was taking place and sitting on his haunches and peering through his thick black rimmed spectacles, began to count the ants as they emerged. I think he counted up to 789 before he passed out. While this was going on, Sunil Abey was sobbing uncontrollably as he was wont to do when he imbibed the soothing stuff and Lubber Wijekoon was strutting about wearing shoes, socks... and nothing much else apart from a tie gracefully adorning his waist and gently flowing downwards, then forwards and downwards again over his very personal possessions, calling himself "Argyle Robertson's Pupil"....... Those were  the days.......... Mahendra

From Gnanissara
Dr. S.A.P. Gnanissara
10:48 PM (12 hours ago)

Dear Lucky,

Thank you very much for posting those photographs of our final year trip.
It is amazing that you can remember most of the past events. Your identification
of all of us is excellent. If I can remember right, we too got copies of those
photographs but, unlike in your case, we can't find them.

Thank you once again for bringing us the past memories.

Warm regards.


From Vasantha (Owitigala) Jayasuriya
10:00 AM (1 hour ago)

Dear Lucky,

Thank you for your message.  Sorry we do not have any past photos, but look forward to the reunion.

Vasantha and Karu Jayasuriya

From Cyril Ernest
Antony Ernest via
10:37 AM (1 hour ago)

Dear Lucky,
                    I read with much interest your article about the final year trip of our graduating class of 1967. I remember the trip very well as I was one of the participants on that very enjoyable and memorable trip.However I am unable to recognise myself in any of the photographs you have posted. I believe I had my camera with me on the trip and I might have missed out on being in the photos as a result, while I was taking pictures of the others. I am indeed looking forward to attending the 50th anniversary reunion of our class in August/September.Keep up the good work and keep me posted of all the relevant news re the Medical School etc.
                                                                                                                                                   Regards. Cyril Ernest Jan.17th. 2011.

From Rajan (Patas) Ratnesar
10:58 AM (43 minutes ago)

Thanks Lucky for all your good work. I do check on the blog infrequently ( not recently though) and have not contributed, but as I keep reading those who have contributed especially my study partner Speedy, I believe reminescing the past would be a worthwhile pasttime inour retirement years.As for the Colombo grads alumni, I did not know there was, and I will be happy to join in any membership.
I am in the process of booking my flights for the reunion and will see you all in August.
With kind regards

From Pupa Sivananda
9:07 PM (14 hours ago)

hi lucky
thanks for the pictures
wishing you and your family a happy new year

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