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Thursday, January 26, 2012

2nd MB Trip

Some time in 1962, we had our first outing as a batch. It was the 2nd MB trip to the Gampaha Botanical Gradens. The following pictures tell the rest of the story.
 Yoga, Ganesh, Anton Ambrose, Bandula and Chanaka are easily identified.

 Dr. L.A.G. Jayasekara (Demonstrator) in action.

I can spot JG and Indrani Subramaniam (extreme right). Not sure about the others. But in the foreground facing the other way is the late B.L. Perera.

 All eyes and ears are focused on Rajan (Patas) Ratnesar who seems to be making a speech. Behind "Patas" with arms crossed is Sarva. Standing close to the tree from left to right are Pupa Sivananda, "unidentified" (in dark shirt), Wickramasekaran, Lakshman Jayasinghe, Yankee Bala, Speedy, Lameer, LPJM Wickramasinghe and Vedavanam. Among those seated on the ground, I see Gandhi Navaratnasingham and the late L.G.D.K. Herath. I am not sure whether Dr. Sobitha Paditharatne accompanied us. But the gentleman seated on the bench (just in front of Yankee Bala) looks very much like "Pandi". The little guy in shorts on the extreme right has to be an intruder!

 Nalin Nana, Bandula and Speedy. Yankee Bala could be the central figure with Chitta partly hidden behind him. Who are the other two?

 Vasantha Owitigala, Kusuma, Piyaseeli Dolawatte and Sardha Jayatilake. Who is on extereme right?

 At extreme left is Swyrie. Standing in the centre is Vasantha. Looks like Rita Silva is among those seated.
 Ganesh and Swyrie. In the background in full white is Indra Anandasabapathy.

 Among those seated are Yoga, Manel Mathew and Nisha Mallawarachchi.

 KDPR (Ranjith Dambawinne) is in the centre.

I can spot L.W. (Wimal) Perera (about the fourth from left) in this picture.


  1. I might be wrong but I must say the picture of the 5 beauties look like Lalani Seebert(rather than Ovitigala), Kusuma, Primrose (rather than Piyaseeli) and Sardha J. The right extreme remains a mystery.What do others think?

    In the one with Bandula, myself, partly hidden Chitta, the Left extreme fellow looks like CHKodikara but what would he be doing on our tip?

    The seated on the lawn one with Nisha, I think the one on her right is Chirasri (Mallawaratchi those days). In the same one, the middle girl standing looks like the late Anna Ponnambalam.

    In the one with BL (facing away from camera), is the one on his left Padmini (karunanayake)?

  2. I too thought about the resemblance to Kodikara. But this guy has to be one of our batchmates.

    You are right about Chirasri being seated next to Nisha, and Anna Ponnambalam. Standing next to Anna is probably Kusuma.

    In the picture with BL, I think you are also right about Padmini Karu.