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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Resolutions from Zita

New Year Resolutions

I sit with twenty eleven receding
And twenty twelve fast approaching
Thinking of resolutions to make
While the world is still awake
Ghosts of resolutions made last
In mock parade seem to march past
Best laid plans set like in gold
Alas they do often unfold
What does the word mean anyway?
So you google Resolutions and Hey!
There are 1005 smart  definitions
(some of which defy comprehension)
You go away in confusion muttering
Unmentionable words uttering
Then open dictionary on ‘Resolution’ entry
Says it means ‘loosen up gently
Relax and release’ and end
This ghastly meaningless annual trend
‘God helps those who help themselves’ it’s said
But the devil is in the detail, I’m afraid!





  1. Good one Zeta. Nice to see another poetic contribution, or for that matter ANY contribution!

  2. Zeta, your zzzzz reminds me of Prof Nava's lectures. Usually around 2pm when we are sleepy anyhow, Prof was adept at sending people off to sleep during his lectures. He would stand near a window looking outside and delivering his soporific. The front row of seats was occupied by a row of dozers among which was Bandula Jayasekera with his hand wrapped in a handkerchief (to prevent smudging of his intended lecture notes) as he suffered from hyperhidrosis. Nobody snored and Nava didn't seem ti mind at all!

  3. Very impresed. Confused as to how to participate in this communication with all our particulars and ideas. Zak Mahamooth 1965 - 1971. We were with TC ,Gavin,Harin,Neomal,Ben Sel,Ganesh,Rajan Richards,Mahen,Sree,etc etc........