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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lost in a Dream

By Mahendra Gonsalkorala

The sky changes from cheerful blue to gloomy grey.
The scene lit up by a blinding flash.
The view brightens and oscillates.
A deafening clap of thunder.
A powerful rumble grows and recedes.
The heavens open,
the rain pours down in sheets.

The silence is broken
with the noise of pelting rain on leaves.
Dry leaves become wet,
wet leaves lost in puddles of water,
puddles of water become lakes.
The blowing wind howls mercilessly
pushing aside sheets of rain
casting helpless leaves in the air.

She was walking,
now she runs.
Her long hair dancing
as they fall on her graceful shoulders.
The rain wets her hair
curls now tamed to wet ribbons.
Water runs down her face
as she rushes through the rain.

Her head bobs and weaves
avoiding looming branches.
Her shapely legs move gracefully
as she runs through the forest.
Her dress become soaked
snugly encasing her form
tantalisingly revealing,
the voluptuous curves of her body.

She stops in her tracks
as a figure looms in front of her.
Tall and handsome,
wet and soaked like her.
She runs into his arms.
He holds her to his bosom,
a soothing embrace.
She feels safe.

With a gasp she wakes up.
He is still there in bed
all curled up beside her,
sleeping like a lamb.
She draws him close.
I haven't lost him,
with a relieved sigh
she is asleep again.

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  1. I would love to see poetic efforts from other batch mates on this site.