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Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Memoriam

We came to know each other almost half a century ago. Since then, fifteen of our dear friends have departed this world. On the eve of our 50th Anniversary, let us pay homage to them with bowed heads.

1. S.R. de Silva (Sunna)
2. A.R.K. Paul (Russel)
3. Ms. M.D.F. de Silva Paul (Dawne)
4. R.A.D.W. Bernard (Bernard Randeniya)
5. N. Chandrasiri (Chandre)
6. V. Ganeson (Ganesh)
7. L.G.D.K. Herath (Irwin)
8. V.Kunasingham (Kunam)
9. B.L. Perera (BL)
10. B. Somasunderam (Bobby)
11. K. Sunderampillai (Pillai)
12. D.E.T. Wickramarachchi (Tudor)
13. K.N. Wimalaratne (Kiththa)
14. Anna Ponnambalam Sathiagnanan
15. A. Satchithananda

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