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Monday, February 27, 2017

Celebrating 50 years of graduation as medical doctors

Suri's article in today's Island newspaper.

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  1. Worth copying the article itself unless it is copyright. Amazing range of talent and achievement in our batch.

  2. Somebody should add the many achievementssteful of our colleagues who went abroad. Surely their contributions to Medicine and humanity as a whole are worthy of recognition. Just an observation. "They also served those who left"

  3. I have covered practically all of them in the Chapter on "Class of 1962 in Medical School" in my book that was published in 2010. The content may be outdated now. I have already written another one recently. Someone else will have to collect the information and write an article.

  4. True. I have read your book of course.

  5. Honest ! I was in the 1962 Colombo batch. I even joined in the Law-Medical Match, got ragged twice and went on the Final Year Trip. Only half the lorry went into the Castle Street school and I was in the other half!!
    Out of sight is out of mind. What an indictment for us "foreigners"
    Surely as expats we must have some space in the hearts and minds of those we left behind.

  6. ND, I don't think the expats are forgotten, but I don't think Suri had enough information about what all the "foreigners" had accomplished. I suspect that she didn't want to mention some and not others, or give inaccurate information. Besides, we are scattered all over the world and the readers of the Island newspaper may not really care about what we are doing in another country. They would probably recognize the names of the local doctors who have treated them at some time or another, and say "Oh, I didn't know he/she was that old!" Jokes aside, I take pride in what I have accomplished, and I know that I have earned the respect of my colleagues abroad. It really doesn't matter to me whether or not my name is published in a local newspaper article. I have absolutely no quarrel with the author of this article. The reunion is all about re-connecting with old friends and having a jolly good time!

  7. Srianee
    It is just my crass British humour and in no way an attempt to belittle Suri's fine article to raise our profile for the Golden Anniversary. I agree with your philosophy entirely. Enjoy the fun and the company of friends and may it be a great success.

    1. OK Nihal, I'm glad you were writing "tongue in cheek!" Some people do care about stuff like that. All is well 😊