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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Creative Spot by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale

Is Reality a false notion

Is reality a false notion?
What is, is what is perceived
Perception's often manipulated
When it becomes deception
Weapons of mass distraction 


  1. It's a wonderful subject for discussion that you've hit on, Mahendra! I mean the 'Reality, perception, deception, distraction' conundrum. Now with artificial intelligence, virtual reality,robotics, cybernetics etc coming up your question will be great for our batch mates to give their opinions on.

  2. Mahendra and Zita, I apologize for my extended absence from the Blog.
    Reality has taken on a new meaning for me after the establishment of the Trump administration at the White House. I've learned a new term -"Alternative Facts." One of Trump's advisors really used that! With all the "Fake News" around me and digital photos that are photoshopped, I don't know what to believe. Even the medical literature is full of manipulated facts. Remember "Lies, damn lies and statistics?" I do think that reality is a false notion. Srianee