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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sent in by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale

AN UPDATE ON THE BLOG - an ABC Guide for all skills
There are some added new features worth pointing out.

Navigation Tabs
You have of course noticed that Navigation is a bit easier now The Tabs at the top are like Tabs in a filing system and by (L)clicking your mouse on the Tab, you will be taken where you want to go. Example, if you click on “Useful links”, a page will open with links to Websites of relevance, e.g, SLMA. You will note that the Tabs are still there with the “Useful links” now grey, showing that this the active tab now,  and you can easily return to the main Home page by clicking on the Home Tab. Check Latest news now and again for any important news updates, such as the Reunion.

On the Right hand, you will see “Most comments”. This shows the top ten commented posts with the number of comments. This is continually updated. If you hover your mouse over which ever you chose, it will turn Red and also indicate more details about the Post.

To access the Post, just (L) click on it and a new page will appear on your Browser with the Post you wanted. To get back, you can click Home again or go the Original Medgrad Tab on your Browser. (The common Browsers in use are Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari- Safari is the Apple version for those with Macs).

Follow by Email
The next feature is “Follow by email” seen below the “Most Common” and is a way by which you can register to receive automatic email updates direct to your IN BOX, whenever a new post appears in the Blog. You will NOT receive a notice whenever a comment is made and ONLY if a new post is made.  All you need to do is to type in your preferred email address in the white email address area and then click on submit. This will trigger opening a little window where you will be asked to fill some random letters/numbers shown to you, into a confirm box. This is to make sure that you are real and not a robot generated y malicious people. Once that is done, you will receive an email into your IN BOX asking  you to click on a link and confirm that you want to receive notifications. After a few days, you will begin to receive a notification whenever there is a new post. The sender of the post will appear as “Colombo Medgrads 1962”. The notification will give you the post and a link to click to take you to our website.

Contact Form
The Final one is right at the bottom and is called “Contact Form”. You can use this to contact Lucky. If you enter your name,  email and message, Lucky will receive your message. If you are having difficulties in entering a comment, you can use this to send a comment to Lucky but of course it is a bit of additional work for him then to copy your comment to the Blog.

I hope this has been of use to you and let us hope we see many more users.


  1. Mahen
    Thank you so much for the logical and well crafted instructions on how to make best use of our Blog. If this doesn't educate, encourage and entice our batch-mates nothing will. I wish the big companies like Siemens, Bosch and Hotpoint too have access to this to show them how to do a readable, useable and user friendly manual. You must have been a great asset in corporate management in your own hospital despite the stifling NHS bureaucracy.
    Well done.

  2. I agree with every word said by Nihal, above. Mahendra you have done so much and taken this much trouble, and I hope the result is more of us will engage with our Blog, comment, contribute and take part in any way possible as this is being talked of as one of the best managed Blogs ever.
    Thanks to you, Lucky, Nihal and others who have regularly contributed and the least we can do is read the Blog and comment.

  3. I have said this before, but let me repeat. Our Batch Blog could not have survived this long if not for the support extended to me by Speedy. So sorry that I have had to push the blog to the back burner these days because of my involvement in organising the upcoming Reunion. It is taking up so much of my time. Speedy has gallantly stepped up to the plate and taken up the slack. I make it a point to reply each and every e-mail that I get, not only on the Reunion but various other matters. Believe me, I get so many of them every day.