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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Creative Spot by Joe Subasinghe (Zita's husband)

Sinhala and English lyrics

 (An English version of Mahagal Ruwani)

An Ode to Maidens of Sigiri Frescoes.

Beautiful Rock Maidens
Sigiri fame laden
Living in quiet loneliness
In this rock fortress
In this great wilderness
Lonely in sad tenderness

Birds of the blue skies
Listening to your sighs
Fly by in quiet loneliness
Creatures of wilderness
Rushing out of hidden nests
Serenade you in quiet happiness

Beautiful Rock maidens
Nestling in your rocky Eden
Your thoughts, I wonder of what kind?
Belles of this Rocky throne
Your ageless beauty’s thrown
A sense of calm on my mind

Girls of this Rocky Home
Time for us to part has come
As on my ramblings I go
May this wilderness sunny
Ever keep you company
Day by day and forever more


  1. Once again we witness the poetic and musical talents of our own Zita. On this occasion, complemented by husband Joe. Wonderful lyrics and wonderful singing. A great effort all round. Well done Zita and Joe!

  2. Zita and Joe
    Thank you for that lovely song. Brings back many memories as I was a regular at Sigiriya during my 3 year stint in Kurunegala.
    Simply brilliant.

  3. Mahendra and Nihal, we humbly accept your kind appreciation of Joe's efforts. It means a lot as you two are of such high calibre in composition and singing.
    Joe says Thanks a lot! (Zita0

  4. Lovely song & lyrics so well done as usual by Joe.
    This bring back memories of "One day at a time...." by Joe in 2007.
    I only wish I could sing too...
    If I tried I would clear the room after the very first word!!
    Well done you two.

    1. I shall remember that MSF. There has been a need for a "room clearer" from time to time and your services may required at short (?stout) notice!

  5. Thanks Razaque! Joe is pleased that you like it. He is amazed you can remember his other attempts at 'imitating some great singers!'
    Thanks again!