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Monday, November 7, 2016

Creative Spot by Srianee (Bunter) Fernando Dias

Srianee had been inspired to write this very short poem while sitting on a beach on the Long Island Sound. The photo is also one she had taken on the same beach in Madison, Connecticut. As you can see, the markings on the rocks are beautiful. This is probably just the second poem Srianee had ever written in her life! She is modest in declaring that she doesn’t consider herself a poet at all, but nevertheless, thought it was worth sharing it with her friends.

Rocks on the Beach

The ocean is life 
At times turbulent and unpredictable
Tossing us to smithereens on its unforgiving waves
Some of us learn to ride the waves with the grace of a ballerina
Others succumb to its merciless fury
Most of us survive like these rocks on the beach
With our rough edges smoothened out over time.


  1. Srianee
    I love your short poem for its glaring honesty and philosophy. Those thoughts surround me at times as I emerge from the sea after being tossed around as a pebble only to settle on a peaceful cove to accept and enjoy what's on offer. Those gnarled and weathered rocks mirror human life as we age.
    Thank you for those wonderful thoughts to take with us on our journey.

  2. Hi Srianee. Nice to see your creative abilities extending from Art to Poetry. I loved it!

  3. Srianee, What better analogy!
    I love the poem for its beautifully worded simple realism.
    -great photo to illustrate too.
    As Albert Einstein said- "Look deep into nature,and then you
    will understand everything better."
    lovely to see you back Srianee.

  4. NIhal, Mahendra and Rohini, Thank you for your encouraging comments. Hmm, maybe I will try to write more poetry! Rohini, I do think nature is where we find comfort and understanding. At the moment, as you can imagine, I am being "tossed around" on emotional waves of uncertainty and fear, following the disastrous outcome of our election. I know that not everyone agrees with my point of view, although the majority of Americans do. The USA has this strange, outdated, Electoral College system which elected DJT the President even though HRC won the popular vote. I'm hoping that all is not lost and that we will ultimately survive (like the rocks on the beach) because we do have a decent system of government, and the U.S.President is not omnipotent.

    1. Great to embark on to new fields just as you went to US.
      I do appreciate your un-certain feelings right now following the polls in US. The US people have given razor blades to a MONKEY. In UK people are a lot more stable to elect such outlandish politicians we feel a lot more secure here right now. Hope all turns out OK to you lot.
      Keep well.

    2. Thanks Razaque. We'll have to see how things develop...