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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Creative Spot by Razaque Ahamat

The changing weather scenes.

Weathers may come, weathers may go on for ever but we do not go on for ever. We have a finite life span. In that period we should enjoy what the different Seasons bring .It shows show us in their true colours to enjoy & appreciate the natures wonders that we tend to take for granted & care less about it.

I am posting changes that take place in some plants in my own garden. In fact Scotland, Perthshire being so up North, in particular is very prone to these changes when compared to the rest of UK and of course places like Sri Lanka-- very tropical and NZ, at 'the edge of world' where everything seem to be somewhat inverted and not so colourful..... of course Rohini Ana will go to war to defend her "corner" of the world!!!.

I am starting with some shots of a few plants that are most prone to weather changes & one particular plant where I had to 'go with the grain' & take advantage of its profuse growth to create an 'Archway' leading on to the 'Pathway' that leads to my home.

On one shot my 'BIRD' is bringing  'the bacon home'--- carrying heavy shopping, through the archway that I created. She is used to carrying heavy loads...... you know!!!. Now, Now..... behave yourself & banish those unsavoury thoughts. I was only meaning that in her three pregnancies, my older daughter was 8lbs.+, my son was 9lbs.+, & my twins were 6.5lbs.EACH. That is carrying heavy loads by any standards!!!!.

The first few shots were taken in the Summer and progressing through on to glorious Autumn. The last few shots are some Acers I have in my garden.

Hope you enjoy & appreciate the progressive changes in colours of the foliage.

The first few shots are taken in Summer
One is my 'Bird bringing the Bacon home'.
The rest are progressing on to Autumn.
The last few are some Acers in my garden.
Can anyone guess what the other plant is???.


  1. Razaque
    Great pictures of the autumn colours and the Silhouette of your Rolls Royce in the porch. Good to see you back on the Blog.

  2. Yes ND, it WAS my RR there.... the "BLACK SHADOW"!!!
    My RED RENAULT of 10 years!!!.
    Nice to see your comments. Keep on coming.

  3. My substantial friend, you said "We have a finite life span. In that period we should enjoy what the different Seasons bring .It shows show us in their true colours to enjoy & appreciate the natures wonders that we tend to take for granted & care less about it.". Absolutely true! I have never set eyes on your RR but it was nice to see a glimpse of a bit of it and may be in your next update,we can see it in all its Royal Regal Glory! The pictures were lovely and has prompted me to send some Autumn photos to the Blog soon. Good to see you enjoying the Blog.

    1. Raz,--- your "Substantial No: 1"November 19, 2016 at 3:06 AM

      No till you get here!!
      Yes, I do have a RR.
      It could be a Rolls Royce, Red Rover, Range Rover, Robin Reliant-- like Del boy's, Red Renault or even a Ra Ra!!!
      You can have spin in it sometime!!.

  4. Razzack,
    Do you live in Aberdeen?

    1. No, in Dundee-- East of Scotland.
      Not much different from Aberdeen only less crowded.

    2. I asked that question because I met a professor of Urology from Aberdeen here in Colombo a few days ago. But you are from Dundee, maybe not too far.

    3. Yes IA we were in Aberdeen for about 9 years in the 80's, but made a sideways move to Dundee in view of children's education in 1991. However, the children followed me into the caring profession & now they all are back in Aberdeen, their stamping / stomping ground.
      The two oldies are now 'stranded' high & dry in Dundee!!!.
      Anyway we came all this way from SL for their future
      That's all we care.

  5. Razaque my friend who loves a little 'stir-up' now and then in his attempts to make our lives as colourful as his garden, knows as well as I do, that NZ is neither "inverted" nor colourless!
    NZ is gorgeous and colourful anytime of the year!
    Razaque, your garden as you've shown us, also seems beautiful all through the year!
    Thanks for sharing those lovely photos.

  6. Hi Rohini,

    Knew did not have long to wait,
    Before you took the bait,
    The tigress in you I did invoke,
    Though did not too well I knew you.

    Great were the loads of lovely NZ wine,
    The weather was equally fine,
    The food was fresh and delectable,
    All in all our stay was very enjoyable,
    Yes, NZ was a nice & tolerable place,
    For us it was not a place to for sake;

    The people were helpful & friendly,
    Got on very well & enjoyably,
    Every thing was good over there,
    But the MOARI-WOMEN were even better!!!.

    Do not forget that I have a great wife,
    She, for me is for life,
    Although I could have SEVEN,
    This one is enough on Earth & later in HEAVEN.

    Keep Well & in contact.

  7. Razaque,
    What female heart can such poetry Despise!
    (adapted, not quoted- from Thomas Gray)
    So, Dear Farina has been captured for eternity!!
    As you see-this is no mere resident tigress, but the dark devil herself- cheers!

    1. You nor Farina is a 'She-Devil' nor a 'Resident-Tigress' BUT just PUSSIES... Pussy-cats I hasten to add.

    2. Razaque, this is outrageously politically incorrect,
      and insulting to both your dear wife and myself.
      It is clear, my use of the words 'resident tigress' and 'dark devil' never referred to Farina - I would never stoop to being so disrespectful.I hope there was no misunderstanding in this regard that prompted this comment.
      Sadly, What was commenced as an innocuous, fun- exchange,in my view, is off track, and hence it's goodbye from me-cheers

    3. Rohini,
      I am sorry that my comments have been misconstrued. It was meant in a manner of ENDEARMENT than anything else. I certainly would never insult you and certainly not my wife Farina nor any of my batch mates as I have the highest regards for you all.
      I am sorry if it was meant in any other way than in a manner of endearment.

    4. Razaque,Thanks for alerting me to the above.
      Though I took exception to your earlier comment,it was not accompanied by any animosity towards it's author,and your intention was in no doubt, as you referred to Farina as well.
      Thanks for taking the trouble to explain-
      By the same token do accept my apology if I caused any misunderstanding or distress.
      Lets forgive and forget our little mischiefs and misunderstandings and be happy!

  8. Well!Well/
    The poetic prowess of my substantial friend
    I am so pleased that I never offend
    Hidden and hitherto unknown maybe
    Revealed now for all the a World to see

    Keep going Raz!

    Ant what lovely repartee
    From our Rohini!

    Mahen alias Speedy