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Monday, September 26, 2016

St. Joseph's College Cricket eleven 1957

St. Joseph’s College 1st XI Cricket 1957. Standing (L to R) – Ranjan de Almeida, Neville Athukorale, Ranjit Malawana, Emilton Fernando, Claude Perera, Priya Perera, Derrick Francke,
Joe Mustapha, Angelo Rayer, Jerry Fernando, Tissa de Soyza, Neville Jayawardena.
Seated (L to R) – Michael Berman, Zacky Mohamed, Kirthi Caldera, Mr. Joe Ekanayake, Rev.Fr. Peter Pillai (Rector), Mr. John Pulle, Fr. Lucien Dep, Carlyle Perera, Peter Leanage.

 Ranjith Malawana later played for Bloomfield. Michael (aka as Brian). Both of them were my neighbours at Manning Town up to 1956. Michael/Brian entered the Engineering Faculty and is now in Australia. Priya Perera also did so but later did Physical Science. He died very early in life. Angelo Rayer was in the Science Faculty and I knew him well when I was doing the 6 months course. Kirthi Caldera was in the Air Force and died early. Carlyle Perera captained the University team that won the Sara Trophy in 1963. He was in the "300 Batch" and I knew him well. Tissa de Soysa was a good athlete. Zacky Mohamed later played for Saracens.


  1. I recall watching cricket at Darley Road with the swimming pool end and the pavilion end. It was a lovely grounds with the Chapel in the background. If the home team lost the game the irate Maradana spectators got very hostile. St Josephs always produced great teams and the Darley road matting was a tough venue for all visiting teams.

    1. Nihal, I am impressed by how minute a knowledge you and others amongst our cricket loving batch mates have regarding events which happened in the mid fifties onwards. I sent the link given on our blog to a Sri Lankan friend who was a wing commander in the RAF and he went into ecstasies about all he saw and I was thrilled to find how much of those events and personalities he went into minute details of. I think all of this establishes S L as a great cricketing nation! Zita

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    1. Did you try copying and pasting it on the google search line? Rita

  3. The year that Zacky Mohammed played , with Ken Duckworth captaining St. Peters was remarkable. Ken for some reason made a declaration late on the 2nd & final day of the big match at the oval challenging St. Josephs college to score about 90 runs to win in around 60 minutes . The numbers are approximations . There was no way St. Peters could have taken all ten Josephian wickets to win the game. St. Josephs seized the chance and went after the runs in a hurry. They started by losing wickets but Zacky Mohammed & another- dont remember who it was , saw them through to victory in a thrilling game. The game produced both praise & severe criticism for Duckworth's decision to declare with St.Peters having really no chance to force a win. Declarations like that seem to never happen in the BIg MATCHES.The crowd though enjoyed the game very much.

  4. Re Sanath's comment above, the photo was taken from the same website to which I provided the link earlier (Quadrangle). Please look up the previous post.

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