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Monday, September 12, 2016

Indra Ana with Lucky Weerasooriya in Florida


  1. Nice to see Lucky Weera & Indra A.
    Who is the "Third Man"??
    They all appear to have developed receding hairlines & of course some no hairlines!!
    It is I suppose the ravages of 'time'!!
    After all we are now all still in our 'teens'... SEVENTY-EENS!!
    Enjoy life when able & good luck.

    1. Razaque, your last posting of flowers was so lovely-
      I was a bit late to comment- wondered why you didnt intend to share it with us!
      Hope you are enjoying your cabbages and leeks and keeping healthy too-cheers

    2. Hi Rohini,
      Let me put the record straight re: posts of flowers. Some of those posts were ones that I had already posted to you guys "for your pleasures"!!. So I did not want to duplicate any of them. Only the Dhalias I had not done so and was keeping them in reserve to post them with a 'usual' 'tarty / tardy' comment at a later date.
      I was in fact sending the whole cohort to my daughters in Aberdeen, but accidentally also clicked on to Lucky Abey as well!!!
      So that's it!!!.
      Getting old and hands are 'shaking', you know???

  2. Regarding the "Third Man", Indra had mentioned in one of his recent e-mails that he had met Nachinan Kinian in Florida. This person had been in our parallel batch in Peradeniya and had done his Internship at Ratnapura with Indra. I have met him very briefly somewhere. But I may be wrong.
    I must say that Indra is very brief in his e-mails and leaves much to my imagination!

  3. The third man is Bertie Dias from Peradeniya med. school.

    1. I cannot recollect meeting Bertie, but have heard 'of' him while in NZ. That was in the company of Waidyaratne & Chula at one of their parties. I knew them very well when we were at the !st MB, Course.
      At such a party I was the only one from the Colombo batch. In fact a non medic asked me loudly if I was @ Peradeniya along with the others. My 'un-political' comment was "No, I was from a Real Med. College" to a chorus of rather unprintable comments all in good humour and no hard feelings!!!
      I expected never to be invited again but to the contrary I was invited again and again and again to many a party from all those present......
      It was all said & done in good fun and humour.

  4. Lucky Weerasooriya-so nice to see you.
    Hair or no hair, you look just as handsome as when I saw you last in med school-
    I hope you are still doing your lovely paintings and your photography.
    Look forward to seeing more of them- cheers

  5. Thanks, Lucky, for posting these pictures of our much loved batch mates and prompting me by send an email. I have been away and not had a chance to look at the blog. It is so important that we keep in touch this way. I know I was getting 'Blog Withdrawal symptoms' so thanks for bringing me back. I would love to see more photos of our batch mates and I hope there's be a 'flood' of them soon.
    All the best to you all from

  6. Zita,

    I like your remark about BLOG WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS. Yes it can be addictive.

    1. Yes Zita,
      I could easily be addicited to a lot of things - including my Poppies!!!

  7. You know what I do? I have my set of "Favorites" and every morning I go through them one by one. My E-mail, current news around the world and the Batch Blog are among them.

  8. Razaque,I greatly enjoy your humour. I particularly found very funny your comment about receding hairlines and no hairlines.Luckily I still belong to the former category but only just!!Re seventyeens thinking young will keep one sprightly even if it will not restore one's long lost youth.
    It was very good to see Lucky and Indra.Lucky's parental home was just behind the"Small Club" our junior sportsground at STC MtLavinia.His brother was junior to me at STC but we were prefects together. As you all know he became the commander in chief of the SriLankan Army.We met a few months ago at our college centenary dinner.
    It was very interesting to see the Ratnapura Interns group photo.When I locate our Galle Interns I will send it to Lucky A.See how many you can name correctly identify !! Kumar G