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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Creative Spot by Razaque Ahamat

Some spoils of my toils from the soil!!!.


  1. Never intended to post this !!
    It must have been "gone viral" accidentally!!!
    Sorry guys.

  2. Stunning photos Raz. Beautiful to behold and congrats to you for producing them. Your unintended intention gave us unexpected pleasure!

  3. Beautiful flowers & gorgeous photographs. Lot of effort. It is as if your spring is just on over there.

  4. This is for Zita. Que de belles fleurs . Eh bien fait mon ami substantielle!Ils sont presque aussi belle que vous !

  5. Razaque, this comment may be late but your posting of fantastic flora is out of this world! So much so, I asked Joe (my husband) whether he would photograph the flowers in his little garden and let me post them on our Blog. He will do that for me, when he gets a new camera, as the old one has packed up. Well we are old cronies too aren't we? And I have not gone for the iPhone thing as I don't want to have more 'gadgets'. Thanks again for the lovely photos! From Zita