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Friday, September 16, 2016

Creative Spot by Indra Anandasabapathy

Off Season Wisteria


  1. Lovely blooming flowers..... sorry IA I mean -- lovely blooms!!
    My Wisteria has taken over my Cherry Blossom tree but no flowers yet.... since planting it some years back!! These plants take its own sweet time to make a show of it!!
    The largest Wisteria I have seen was in the Auckland Domain in NZ... the base of its trunk is as thick as my belly & there are several of them &..... not my bellies by the way!!

  2. Wisteria and Hysteria, blossoming blooms and blooming bosoms,
    plantus magnificus beautifulorum, from Mahendra to Indra and from an ordinary one to a substantial one!

  3. Dear Indra, I don't have the colourful words of Mahendra but I second what he says. I came here hoping there would be some lovely blooms and I wasn't disappointed!

  4. IA,
    Wisteria-Hysteria is one thing,but the other is a great orchid. Have you done an 'orchidectomy' to it ... I mean not to you personally???. Hope not!!!!.

  5. Indra, gorgeous orchids-
    You seem to have a wilderness of orchids, and even Wisterias which take ages to flower, flowering out of season for you!-
    Wonder what you feed them! Lots of TLC I guess!Lovely to see-
    thank you.

  6. The Wisteria blooms in spring, though mine ( three of them ) did not do that well this spring ( fewer blooms than usual) & then this plant decided to turn up with this off season flower. Wisterias can be temperamental, some not flowering for years. But hard to beat when in full bloom.