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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Creative Spot by Razaque Ahamat

Now its Poppies from this heroin or morphine . More Roses from Summer. Enjoy the spoils of my toils!!. I enjoy, so why not you --- fairly shared, no fears & no tears is bliss. 


  1. Razaque
    Great photos and lovely flowers. My ignorance in gardening is an embarrassment but I appreciate the work done by the budding or fully fledged horticulturalists and gardeners.

  2. Beautiful flowers, Razaque. You seem to be working hard in your garden. Enjoy it while the good weather lasts. I am looking forward to cooler weather, because it has been oppressively hot in Connecticut. ( I finally found a few minutes to check in on the blog - yeah!)

  3. They are so beautiful, I am almost speechless. Such vivid colours, such beautiful photography! Well done! from Zita

  4. Beautiful poppies. I love them. I had a red one that died this spring. It seems it is even harder to grow the wild poppies out of seed packets.

  5. Beautiful flowers Razaque-
    You and Indra are doing such a great job-
    Thanks for sharing