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Monday, August 8, 2016

Creative Spot by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale

The Horrors of War

She looked over her shoulder
Looking everywhere desperately
There were people everywhere
They were all running
Some were crying
All were frightened
Keep running
Keep going

She held on tightly to her little hand
Running all the time
Everybody was running
Sounds of gun fire
Screaming and crying
Swearing and shouting
Pushing her way through
Where is she ?
Where is my little daughter
Just a moment ago she was here
Clinging to my skirt
Eyes wide with fear
Crying and sobbing
Now she is gone
What am I to do ?

I am lost
We are all lost
They are catching up
We must run faster
Run where ?
Just anywhere
Must get away from this madness
There is so much sadness
Keep running
Keep going
Can’t stop now
I don’t want to die
My children need me
Keep running 
Keep going 


  1. Hi Mahen, That was great piece of poetry (as good as Zita's!!) AND VERY MOVING INDEED.
    What struck me most was not the recent events in the mid east, but the events that transpired in Jaffna when poor souls were bombarded from all sides under the guise of FREEDOM!!!!. They had nowhere to turn to, face the bullets and most died. The plight of the living of those few days are still not resolved and they are in limbo 'harassed by every side even to this day'.
    Will this tragedy ever be solved???
    NO NEVER, Not until racism, caste system, rich/poor divide and other impediments prevail..... and don't they just, prevail in our beloved SL to this day & not even dare to think of a solution!!!
    Very sad thought indeed.

    1. Thanks Raz. Any compliment coming from you is quite substantial! I agree about what has happened and still remaining unresolved because people are so unreasonable and don't even practice the various religions they claim to respect. Not in my life time is what I tell people who ask the key question

      My poem is the new "prose" style whereas Zita (Rita) prefers the rhyming consruct, which I too use at times but the prose style is sometimes better when you want to paint a picture or send a powerful message, especially if it is accompanied by a suitable picture. I hope mine was good (the picture)

      You have also scored a "birdie" in that ND is usually the first to comment!

    2. Raz,--- your 'Substantial Friend'August 8, 2016 at 12:33 PM

      No Mahen.... "A HOLE ONE" -- EVEN IN THE DARK...... Never played golf though!! Billiards ...yes, but not the pocket version!!.
      Do you play golf & billiards (pocket)???.

    3. I play snooker old pal. Love it! But not as much as golf because it is out door. I did have a real 'hole-in-one" at RCGC Colombo a few years ago. I had several ones here but got them darned (by yours truly of course) as my big toe was peeping out !

  2. A sad tale of the suffering brilliantly told in verse.

    1. Glad you concur with our Substantial friend!

  3. POIGNANT. Does that sum it all up. Mahen you are amazing, yes we have two very talented poets in our batch.Thank god you two- Zita & Mahen went to Med. school to make a living.

    I was in Jaffna attending the 75th anniversary academic sessions by the Jaffna medical association, only last week. Happened to be there
    because one of my daughters got invited to talk on Global innovation in medicine & on endoscopic imaging techniques - the advances both her specialities. I did meet several doctors from the other faculties in Kelaniya, Colombo & Galle. The whole two days to their credit was handled well . I did meet Dr. & Mrs. Natkunam & their daughter Yasoda who is Professor of Pathology at Stanford University & medical school who was also a guest speaker. Natkunams ( parents) live in Australia.
    I did deliver a talk on Body temperature control & its clinical implications to the medical students, consultants & trainee anesthetists. This in the cold environment of the air-conditioned operating room is important to the anesthesiologist.
    There is a very high incidence of esophageal cancer both in the Jaffna peninsula as well as Kilinochi.
    They have a lot of problems, not always noticeable if one goes there as a tourist.

    1. Thanks Indra. You obviously had a busy time in Jaffna. I didn't know you had such accomplished daughters. You must have been pleased with your visit as you met so many people dear to you. On oesophageal cancer (excuse the British spelling), any theories why the incidence is so high?

      Your post is yet another example why people should access the Blog!

  4. I'm glad that you were able to visit that once war torn land. Exposure is important to expose the plight of the people there. From what I can gather from your Post is that things seem to be on the mend.
    I sincerely hope so.
    All the strife in my view was greed of power compounded by communalism, racism, caste system, creed and downright greed of a minority few.
    Now that the so called war is over, at least on paper, it is time that all sides come together and sort out their differences. That may be a tall order in the present climate, all should strive towards that goal.
    I my view ALL parties are to be blamed.
    I hope people in SL come their senses---WILL THEY???.

  5. Mahendra, as a result of your poignant poem which is tremendously moving, we have got the benefit of our other talented and vocal batch mates adding their news of recent events, their thoughts on how humans should behave and what needs to be done in the world, from Nihal, Razaque, Indra and I am sure there are many others to follow. It is right that we should bring up these subjects. I feel depressed at what's going on in these situations but know that the only thing we can do is by our own behaviour and our help and our treatment of friend and foe. We can change the world one person at a time, by one good deed at a time and that's all we can do. I am so glad your poem gave rise to this important conversation.
    All the best, Zita/Rita
    ps. I feel humbled by the wonderful and generous comments by our mates on my poetry or really, verse writing. Z

  6. Zita/Rita/Nita/ "Whata isa ita nexta"??
    Well said, 'YOU'. We all should strive towards that end you have documented above. The world, and hopefully our beloved SL will be a better place..... even if it is not in our lifetime.
    For 'Blog's Sake'... tell us which is which is YOURNAMEA????!!

  7. As someone said, being nice to friends is "chicken feed" - the real tests is to be nice to your enemies. I would add to that,"even better if you don't have enemies at all!"

    1. Raz,--- your 'Substantial Friend'August 11, 2016 at 4:48 AM

      Thank you for that comment.
      What if I prefer turkey and duck of course not PORK??
      As for enemies I am my OWN ENEMY -- what can I do about that, my friend??