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Monday, March 28, 2016


Sent by Mahendra (Speedy) Gonsalkorale.

World Capitals March 2016

By a  Special Fast Correspondent.

896,845 hits and closing on a Million!

Chaos reigned since the announcement of a Special (as yet undisclosed) prize for the One Millionth Visitor to the ever popular Blog, Colombo  Medgrads 1962.

This blog is about new entrants to the Colombo Medical Faculty of the University of Ceylon (as it was then known) in June 1962, and set up by Dr. Lakshman Abeyagunawardene

A spokesman we contacted  said, “On 5-2-2016, the Blog had 885,954 hits.
This is a hit rate of about 200 a day. (8896 over 44 days)
We are short of 105.150 to reach a Million. if our hit rate continues at approx 200 per day (average), we need another 520 days to reach a Million. This is in about 17 months.
Based on these figures, we expect the 1 Million mark to be reached around July-August 2017:

The publicity phrase  "Go on a blogging blitz and let us reach a Million hits" is reported to have gone viral.


  1. Mahen-Love your sense of humour,artistic skill and effort!
    Good Luck!

  2. Thanks Rohini. I hope we hit the million mark earlier then projected and in time for our Grand Reunion in March 2017.

  3. I just calculated that as of 29th March, we are still averaging 200 hits per day. It is likely that this is a good indicator of our hit rate. To reach a Million hits by 1st March 2017, we need to average around 310 hits per day which I think is unlikely.

    Just for your interest, I received this message on my own Blog from "Lanka007"- "Your batchmates may not use it but as a recent medical graduate from your faculty I truly enjoy reading all this 1962 grad stuff...How clinicals were at that time, the old teachers, How our faculty looked.."

    My own impression is that a lot of our colleagues do read the Blog although they are "blogshy" to contribute for a variety of reasons. A rate of 200 per day is pretty good and although we should continue to strive to get our colleagues to contribute, we can I think safely say that our Blog is "Alive and well"!

  4. Mahen
    Thank you for your efforts to reach our million mark. Appreciate your digital trickery to achieve that goal. It amazes me how you got me at the front of the queue writing a comment!!

  5. Mahendra, what we need is to get people to reach for our blog website like in a conditioned reflex where you just need your daily dose of the blog. I know it is popular amongst our juniors. One who read out Blog found it enthralling, interesting and he said he learned a lot. So let's popularise it far and wide and all will find something they like in it and eventually we'll get more contributions. I am dying to hear from our 'so far quiet' members. I would love to know what they did with their careers, what makes them tick, what tips they have for us in our old age. So let's hope your slogan ' Let's go on a Blogging Blitz and reach a million hits' takes off!

  6. Razaque aka RAZ.April 1, 2016 at 5:49 AM

    Hi Mahen, pal of the "S friend",
    I am sure that this blitz will soon reach the milestone that it deserves & we all are looking forward to it for sure. I am also sure that there are much more than the cohort of "regulars" that make 'regular hits' that come to the fore when there is an obituary notice. It is sad that it should be so,for these folk tend to appear only at sad times to swell the numbers-- I suppose it is better than never.
    As the numbers indicate, there are many who visit the site but do not wish to put their name down on a reply/ a comment or contribution, for 'whatever' reason.??
    As for me, I tend to visit the site at least once a day though not contribute at the same rate!! I suppose that would count as a 'hit'!!
    Shall try to contribute more 'regularly'.

    Razaque aka Raz.