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Monday, March 14, 2016

Creative Spot - By Zita Perera Subasinghe

Dialogue with Death
Who are you? Where do you come from?
What is your destination?
Why are you so grim and gruesome?
And not known to procrastination

Why do you rob the life from a being?
While loved ones sob seeing you fleeing?

You hate life, you hate laughter
You leave strife to follow after
Yet in cases, where one’s in pain
One often chases your tail in vain!

Even you’re welcome in certain places
When pain’s gruesome and hell fire blazes

One holds your hand and breathes one’s last
Saying good-bye Land, to follow you fast

Then you’re the winner in Life’s last game
When even the sinner can breathe your name

So where are you heading, in this dark night?
With your victim treading a path against light?
You love this duel with a being’s last breath
You’re beastly and cruel

No wonder your name’s Death!


  1. Zita, a bit eerie at first, but still a wonderful piece of poetry.
    I am glad our blog has brought out all these ?"hidden" talents. Keep writing my friend....
    Sriani B

  2. A rather mystical yet forcefully "real" poetic observation of something which awaits us all by our own Zita. I think it is brilliant. Keep contributing!

  3. Excellent poetry Zita -cheers - RohiniAna

    1. Sriyani, Mahendra,Rohini, Many thanks! I always appreciate your comments. I must say, I wrote this when Death had robbed my poor brother Sunil of his only son suddenly through a heart problem at the age of 27 and he was quite healthy unto then. The young man, had the best of treatment in Australia. Nevertheless, Death wouldn't let go! So you now understand! Can anyone come to terms easily with a thing like this? But Sunil is throwing himself into social work and trying his best to face things.
      Thanks again my friends!
      from Zita

  4. Sriani, Speedy and Rohini have all commented. No doubt at all that it's a wonderful piece of poetry. It's brilliant alright, and we all agree that it awaits all of us.

    But take a leaf from my own religion. Let us not have any hatred towards death. When the time is ripe, it will come in a guise unknown to us.

    I am prepared to face death, whether it comes tomorrow or the day after. Or for that matter, in the very next moment! As I have been repeatedly saying, what's worrying me more than death is, lack of sufficient participation in this blog by the vast majority.

    1. Thanks Lucky, I take on board, all that you say. Strangely I too will have no quarrel if Death comes for me now! I guess my two children and Joe will not welcome him though. What I think is once one has had one's three score and ten, then anything more is a bonus. As for lack of participation in our blog, to me too it is a mystery greater than Death! Our batch mates that we loved, don't want to share their thoughts with us? Oh please, please, dear friends, say something, anything! We so miss you! Remember those wonderful 5 years?
      All the best to you my friends, from Zita

  5. Zita your poetry is par-excellence.
    While Lucky's worry is also ---- par-excellence!!
    We are now all well past the milestone of 3 scores and ten.
    All at the departure lounge for the call to "carry us away".
    I am now bags packed and ready. Done my bit to 'man & beast', family and friends & neighbours, no enemies as YET.
    Only hope is that I would be upgraded to "First Class"!!
    Wishful thinking????

    1. Mahendra, that is very touching! I can say you'll be a fantastic companion to anyone of us to join you in this first class travel with our bags packed in the final cast off into the unknown!

  6. Zita, this is a great poem, although rather dark. I had trouble getting through it the first time and decided to wait a bit to comment. Now that you have explained what prompted you to write it (the death of your nephew) I can completely understand. It must be awful to lose a precious son. I personally don't fear death, but prefer to live my life to the fullest. What I fear is losing people who are are close to me. But, we have no control over that do we? Keep on writing my friend! And I wish your brother the best in coping with his grief. He seems to be on the right track.

    1. Thanks, Srianee! That is very comforting. Me too, I am not afraid of death but I will not want to live through the untimely loss of a loved one, as this young man's loss proved.
      My brother say, the boy is at rest. Let's get on with our duties and make ourselves useful and make ourselves happy in whatever way we can.