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Monday, January 18, 2016

From the Sunday Times

This appeared in the Sunday Times of 10 January, 2016.

Many important lessons in Prof. Ratnatunga’s fight against stroke
I was touched and impressed to read the article titled ‘My Story’ by Professor Channa Ratnatunga, a skilled and dedicated surgeon, in the Sunday Times of January 3, 2016.
His recent illness was unfortunate but we can draw important lessons from the way he has come through this illness.
Lots of lesser mortals afflicted with a sudden massive stroke of this nature may have become bitter over their misfortune and said ‘why me?’. Some others may have become depressed.
However Prof. Ratnatunga has borne this misfortune with great courage and fortitude. He has cooperated well with his doctors and therapists. He blames no one.
What is more important he tries to make use of his misfortune to canvas for the setting up of more stroke units in the country so that in future people who are afflicted with strokes of this nature would be able to make a recovery as good or better than he did.
He tries to make a triumph out of adversity. Similarly we should always try to learn a lesson and do something good of any unfortunate occurrence we may undergo.
I hope he continues to make further progress in his recovery.
Dr. V.P. H. Rajapakse


  1. Very true Victor. Hope to see you "in person" on the Blog. Your valuable thoughts will enhance our Blog.

  2. VPH writes "letters to the Editor" in Sri Lankan newspapers from time to time. I have read quite a few of them. It is high time that he channels his writing talents in this direction as well.

  3. I agree with Mahendra that your articles will enrich the 1962 batch blog. Prof Ratnatunga turned his misfortune to an education for all of us. In the same way we can make our thoughts known by media such as this to promote friendship and keep in touch, share good things and misfortunes with the wonderful people we spent over 5 years of our life with, nearly 50 years ago.

  4. Hi VPH
    It is great to see your contribution to the Sunday Times. We hope very much you can be part of our Blog and keep in touch in our senior years.
    I recall the Medical College years with much fondness despite the hard grind. The knowledge we gained and the friendships we made will remain with us forever.

  5. I encouraged Channa to write an article about his stroke to a medical journal so that it would create re-thinking about the window period. Also it would be unique , because the author himself is the patient. He agreed to do so.