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Saturday, September 5, 2015

IF (for a Physician) by Prof. K Rajasuriya

The good blogger she is, Srianee (Bunter) Fernando Dias had wanted to get some input from a young practicing doctor in Sri Lanka and contacted her cousin's son who is also a talented musician. She had invited him to check out the blog and make comments. In addition, her nephew had sent the above contribution which I am happy to publish. Srianee feels that her nephew may have seen ND's article on Prof KR and been inspired to come up with his own creation.

I have also published below, Dr. Shehan Silva's e-mail to Srianee.

From: dshehans <>
Date: September 4, 2015 at 7:53:54 PM GMT+2
To: Srianee Dias <>
Subject: Re: The Blog Address.
this is a superb blog... will go through it.
Hope you can post this (which I created)

IF (for a physician) by Prof K Rajasuriya

Dr F H D Shehan Silva MBBS (SJP) MD (COL)
Senior Registrar in Medicine
Professorial/University Medicine Unit
Colombo North Teaching Hospital


  1. Wonderful tribute. Well done Shehan. It is good to see our Blog growing and prospering. Readesr, please listen and watch Shehan's contribution on 'Hymen of Sri Lanka' on Youtube .

  2. Yes, I agree with my friend Speedy, it is a lovely tribute. I was unaware that Prof R had written these words. I loved the choice of music too. Welcome to the blog.

  3. Wonderful tribute to an upright, honest, un- self serving, indefatigable individual,,,,,,,,,but only occasionally a little 'prickly'!.... He was only human!!
    Background was great and haunting.

  4. This is a 'first' for our Blog, right? It's uplifting, consoling, unique, and Elgar's 'Nimrod' is apt! Srianee, Well Done to you and your nephew! It made my day, my week, and possibly the rest of my life!
    Thanks again!

  5. Thanks! I can only take the credit for inviting Shehan to check out our blog. I hope that many physicians who are still practicing will see this. Prof R's words are quite moving and helps us to remember why we chose our profession.

  6. Here is a reference to the Inaugural Prof. Kumaradasa Rajasuriya Oration by Mahasara Gunaratne in 1997.